Monday, February 24, 2020

Pay For Play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pay For Play - Essay Example I have chosen to write about this topic as I have seen college athletes undergoing much sacrifice and bring money but they are not paid in return. Second reason I chose this topic is because I have been a football player in college and I understand what it means to work to get money for extra spending. So I believe that college athletes should be paid has they put lot effort in bringing advantage to college. (Thesis) College athletes have developed into uncrowned and undefined athletic heroes who strive and struggle to bring a well -defined fame and earn an overly demarcated reputation for the institute, which has been over the years counted as their performing duty that calls for no justification to be paid financially. However, I strongly believe that the regulations regarding payment of college athletes be changed because these players bring in too much money and put in too much work for them to not be earning a paycheck. Major sports played at college-Sports have been an integral part of college education and it has always encouraged and inspired students to be more active and contribute to the college heritage. The colleges hold sport events on a regular basis and it has been a way to explore the talent and skill of students from a different dimension. Sports have united and inspired young men to be able and fit to become a professional sportsman. The major sports played at college and university level are football, basketball, baseball and softball. The history of sports at college and university can be traced back to couple of centuries History of college sports-The history of college sports is thought to be originated around 1850s and since then it has been evolved to become a major mission in educational campuses across America. It has been regarded as the perfect physical activity and the desire of the young men. The competitive spirit and vigor which consisted in college sports hiked the mental and physical pleasure of the students. The college autho rities elaborately planned sports activities which motivated the students immensely and sports event on college and national level became a prestigious venture and money making phenomena for college authorities. On the other hand, the students athletes remained thrilled about being college’s selected people and representatives of college on state level. Moreover, the media kept the young athletes in the lime light and the scholarship provided by colleges to them stood as a bonus. Recruitment of college athletes -Recruiting is a significant phase in college sports. The recruitment process is headed by college coach and large amount of power is vested with him in selecting the college athletes. It has been experienced that the selection procedure of athletes many a times is subjected to bias and discriminations. For the recruitment procedure, the athletes are required to do rigorous practice and this take lot of energy and time of the students which ruined their academics. The most important point in consideration is that these institutes that have been developed to nurture, maintain and enhance the intellectual minds at the professional level and speed up the purpose of taming the existing skills into more sophisticated commercial and other practical uses, when they employ physical strengths of the same youth alongside to the above mentioned rational goals, how could they be ignorant of giving the youth the required motivation to grow in athletics? (ESPN Colleeg Sports, 2013)However, when it comes to payment

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