Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Significance of Jordan in essays

The Significance of Jordan in essays In the book, The Great Gatsby, Jordon is a minor character but plays a significant role for Gatsby by using her to get reacquainted with Daisy. Daisy, a materialistic woman, and Gatsby were in love with each other as youths but became separated from her while he served in WWI. While he was gone, she married Tom Buchanan because of his wealth, something that Gatsby did not have at the time. In the first three chapters, we meet Jordon Baker who is a professional golf player and a best friend to Daisy Buchanan. Jordon attends a dinner at the Buchanans where she meets Nick Carraway who is a cousin to Daisy and who is also neighbors with Gatsby. During this party, they visit and learn of their common bond with Gatsby. Later that summer, Gatsby, who realizes the relationship between Jordon and Nick to Daisy, invites them to a party at his home in hopes of getting to know Nick and to devise a plan to meet Daisy. In chapter five, Gatsby asks Jordon to persuade Nick to invite Daisy to a tea party at his home. Nick agrees and calls Daisy the next day to invite her and states Dont bring Tom (Fitzgerald, 88). Daisy, not knowing that Gatsby would be there, sees his face and is embarrassed. Gatsby is embarrassed as well, but as the party progresses they become more comfortable being together again. Jordons primary purpose as a character in this book is concentrated mostly during the first few chapters. Although a minor character, she is the primary source for Gatsby to meet Nick, who in turn, brings him together with Daisy again. ...

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