Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 14

Terrorism - Essay Example sequent to these, the following discussion aims at highlighting a case related to terrorism as shown in the movie â€Å"A Mighty Heart,† as well as my own personal opinions about terrorism. The movie a mighty heart features the world of Daniel Pearl, a reporter of the Wall Street Journal. He embarked on researching a story on a shoe bomber known as Richard Reid (Pearl, 11). The story led him to a place called Karachi where an informant was to give him details of an elusive source. As Daniel left for the meeting, he told his wife he could get late for dinner. However, Daniel never returned from this meeting. Supporters of Omar Sheikh kidnapped and beheaded him. This movie depicts one of the many incidences that have led to the death of innocent people. Daniel was in the course of doing his work, thus giving service to the society when he met his death. He was to expose facts associated with terror attacks in the U.S., thus assist in the fight against terrorism. However, the terrorists could not spare him for his bravery, leading to his demise. In response to this, I think people who opt to trend on such important missions should take such precautions as requesting for g overnment protection. In my opinion, terrorism bears adverse effects on the lives of people. It denies them the freedom to conduct their activities in a free manner as it evokes fear among them. It also hinders them from accomplishing their dreams in life as shown in the case of Daniel in the mighty heart movie. More to these, terrorism hinders the exploitation of people’s potential, thus hampering the process of development in any nation. When terror attacks are directed, for example, towards individuals, the family members of the targeted person experience a lot of suffering. The person may go missing for a considerable period leaving the family members in a confused state. The members go through a lot of emotional turmoil as they hope for a reunion with their beloved one. Eventual death of such

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