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The Significance of Jordan in essays

The Significance of Jordan in essays In the book, The Great Gatsby, Jordon is a minor character but plays a significant role for Gatsby by using her to get reacquainted with Daisy. Daisy, a materialistic woman, and Gatsby were in love with each other as youths but became separated from her while he served in WWI. While he was gone, she married Tom Buchanan because of his wealth, something that Gatsby did not have at the time. In the first three chapters, we meet Jordon Baker who is a professional golf player and a best friend to Daisy Buchanan. Jordon attends a dinner at the Buchanans where she meets Nick Carraway who is a cousin to Daisy and who is also neighbors with Gatsby. During this party, they visit and learn of their common bond with Gatsby. Later that summer, Gatsby, who realizes the relationship between Jordon and Nick to Daisy, invites them to a party at his home in hopes of getting to know Nick and to devise a plan to meet Daisy. In chapter five, Gatsby asks Jordon to persuade Nick to invite Daisy to a tea party at his home. Nick agrees and calls Daisy the next day to invite her and states Dont bring Tom (Fitzgerald, 88). Daisy, not knowing that Gatsby would be there, sees his face and is embarrassed. Gatsby is embarrassed as well, but as the party progresses they become more comfortable being together again. Jordons primary purpose as a character in this book is concentrated mostly during the first few chapters. Although a minor character, she is the primary source for Gatsby to meet Nick, who in turn, brings him together with Daisy again. ...

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History and Political Science; A Response to Historical Cases Essay

History and Political Science; A Response to Historical Cases - Essay Example Of particular interest is to understand the implications of the Pericles’ oration (Thucydides 34) with respect to what is known of Athens. In evaluating Pericles’ speech, it is imperative to decipher the underpinning points in the speech, as depicted by Thucydides (pp 34-46). First, Pericles begins by acknowledging the need to hold ceremonies for those who dead for the country. He proceeds to assert that all that had happened was necessary. He was in line with the law, as well as the democracy requirements. In elucidating his point, he pays tribute to the ancestors, acknowledging them for creating a worth-celebrating history for the Athenians. He cites how the empire and its possession would have been without the sacrifice of the ancestors and that it was only justified for him to uphold the legacy. Pericles presents Athens as exceptional, in terms of its laws, justice, social equality, mobility and inclusivity of migrants, and that everyone had an equal opportunity to serve the nation. The aspect of Athens to offer social refreshment, such as games is not also overlooked. He affirms Athenian determination to shun all the challenges, as well as respecting the neighbors. He eventually justifies the point that the fallen men should not be the cause of any consolation. Instead, such a point brings comfort to the Athenian community. The crucial question is whether Pericles’ insight holds any validity. In particular, does Athens fit into the doctrine of exceptionalism, as presented? Moreover, is Pericles’ point about the fallen justified? In my view, whereas there are certain aspects of exceptionalism that could be justified about the historical Athenian society, others cannot. For instance, it is agreeable that the ancestors had a crucial role in creating history for posterity, considering that imperialism was the order of the time. The affirmation of respect of law and democracy also reflect the historical nature of Athens. This is beca use Athens historical government is widely cited as the mother or even the correlate of the sophisticated and desired contemporary democracy. Indeed, one avenue of viewing at Pericles’ forefather reference could act as a base the role which Athens played in Greek history. Perhaps he was referring to the growth of the government of Athens as well as the role which the forefathers played. Pericles next statement is that the city of Athens was great and served as a symbol of inspiration as the pioneer of true democracy (Halsall 39). Thucydides uses parallelism whereby Pericles talks of Athenian s’ reputation compared to other armed forces, as well as the Athenian self belief. However, the theme of imperialism cannot be left out of his speech. One questions whether this could also be an aspect of exceptionalism. Doesn’t it contravene the affirmation to respect the autonomy of the neighbors? I infer that whereas Pericles stand reflect the interest of the Athenians, i t is advanced on the basis of nationalism, which can be dismissed as a thesis of societal selfishness. Response to part two: Robert, the Monk's account of Pope Urban II's call to crusade During the 11th century, when states like France and Britain had not emerged, Christianity united the states of Europe. All European states took part in religious wars against Muslims in what was known as the Crusades. Both Christians and Muslims committed atrocities against human beings although each side claimed to be fighting for a just course. At the

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Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 14

Terrorism - Essay Example sequent to these, the following discussion aims at highlighting a case related to terrorism as shown in the movie â€Å"A Mighty Heart,† as well as my own personal opinions about terrorism. The movie a mighty heart features the world of Daniel Pearl, a reporter of the Wall Street Journal. He embarked on researching a story on a shoe bomber known as Richard Reid (Pearl, 11). The story led him to a place called Karachi where an informant was to give him details of an elusive source. As Daniel left for the meeting, he told his wife he could get late for dinner. However, Daniel never returned from this meeting. Supporters of Omar Sheikh kidnapped and beheaded him. This movie depicts one of the many incidences that have led to the death of innocent people. Daniel was in the course of doing his work, thus giving service to the society when he met his death. He was to expose facts associated with terror attacks in the U.S., thus assist in the fight against terrorism. However, the terrorists could not spare him for his bravery, leading to his demise. In response to this, I think people who opt to trend on such important missions should take such precautions as requesting for g overnment protection. In my opinion, terrorism bears adverse effects on the lives of people. It denies them the freedom to conduct their activities in a free manner as it evokes fear among them. It also hinders them from accomplishing their dreams in life as shown in the case of Daniel in the mighty heart movie. More to these, terrorism hinders the exploitation of people’s potential, thus hampering the process of development in any nation. When terror attacks are directed, for example, towards individuals, the family members of the targeted person experience a lot of suffering. The person may go missing for a considerable period leaving the family members in a confused state. The members go through a lot of emotional turmoil as they hope for a reunion with their beloved one. Eventual death of such

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Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Essay - Assignment Example The Cold War was characterized by increased tensions between America and Russia, and military advancements characterized each other’s agenda in dominating world affairs. Therefore, Solnits arguments elicit praise and criticism of this period in almost equal measure, but are apparent America realized its objective after decisive sacrifices. My primal reason for reading this chapter is to comprehend and understand numerous events in society that have shaped human conditions in the world. It was possible by reading Solnit’s work to understand the unique features of Silicon Valley, as she notes â€Å"Finding the landscape of Silicon Valley isn’t as easy as getting the subdivisions and freeway exits and industrial parks.† When Langdon Winner wrote a profile of Silicon Valley a few years ago, he reached for the Winchester Mystery House as its Emblem. It is an obvious one in a region whose other landmarks are scarce (Solnit 52). Consequently, I agree with Solnit on the difficulty of finding the landscape of Silicon Valley. Increased military operations have transformed the valley into an area of underground military bases, tunnels, and activities. The physical landscape of Silicon Valley is deceiving because even though one can see decaying emblems like the Winchester Mystery house, it is apparent many m ore buildings, and facilities characterize the valley’s landscape. Her arguments about Silicon Valley significantly transformed my perception about a landscape, and I discovered that even underground features in the area are part of its landscape. Moreover, the difficulty in finding the landscape of Silicon Valley led to my second reason for reading this text, which was to comprehend and understand Solnit’s comparison of Silicon Valley with a maze. After understanding why the author compares Silicon Valley with a maze, I critically analyzed this comparison to understand this inevitable metaphor clearly and easily. Advances in technology,

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Factors that affect the demand and supply of houses

Factors that affect the demand and supply of houses Introduction The past couple of years have seen dramatic fluctuations in the demand and supply of houses. It has been observed that movement in house prices is a balance of the quantity demanded and supplied. In this essay, we first look into the factors that affected the prices of houses in UK in the past three years. Then, we will discuss factors that affect the sizes of elasticities of demand of houses. Factors affecting demand of houses The table below shows the various factors that affect demand of houses. Table 1: Factors affecting demand of houses. S. no. Factor Trend Reason Change in the demand curve 1. Affordability As affordability of houses increases, demand for houses increases and vice versa. Because when the price of houses goes down more people can afford to buy houses. Movement along the demand curve. FIG. 1 2. Disposable Income As the disposable income of the people increase the demand for houses increases and vice versa. People tend to buy houses when they have sufficient disposable income with them so that their weekly budget is not affected significantly. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 3. Economic Trends If the economy is booming, then there is a net increase in demand for houses. Similarly, in case of a recession, the demand for houses decreases. A booming economy means a good overall health of the economy which translates into greater demand of all goods. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 4. Supply of substitutes If the supply of substitutes such as rented accommodation decreases, then there is a net increase in demand for houses and vice versa. If the supply of rented accommodation is less, then there is an increase in the price of rented apartments. Therefore, in the long run people find that it is cheaper to buy houses than to live in a rented accommodation. Hence, then they will tend to purchase a house. Thereby, increasing the net demand for houses. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 5. Availability of mortgage finance If the mortgage finance is easily available then this results in a net increase in demand and vice versa. This is because it is easier for people to arrange for money to finance their houses. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 6. Interest rates If the interest rates are high, then there is a net decrease in demand and vice versa. This is because at higher interests rates people will have to shell out more money to repay their loan. As people have a fixed monthly income, a higher interest rate would mean that the loan instalment would form a higher portion of their monthly income. Thereby, decreasing the demand for houses. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 7. Consumer confidence As consumer confidence in the housing market increases, the demand for houses increases and vice versa. If prices of houses are expected to rises then consumers think it is profitable to enter the market. However, if the prices fall or remain static then consumers find no urgency to enter the market. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 8. Demographic factors As increase in immigration, number of divorces, life expectancy, results in an increase in demand for houses. An increase in immigration, number of divorces, life expectancy will result in more people needing independent houses. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 9. Inherited wealth An increase in number of people inheriting a huge wealth would result in an increase in demand of houses. Because these people have more money to spend on luxury products, such as houses. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 10. Tax benefits If people receive greater tax benefits by buying houses, then this would result in a net increase in demand for houses. This is because people prefer to use their hard earned money on themselves rather than paying it to the government. Shift in the demand curve. FIG. 2 Source: Nationwide, Besanko et. al 2007 FIG. 2: Shifting of the demand curve. D D Price P1 Q2 Q1 D D Quantity FIG. 1: Movement along the demand curve. Price P1 P2 Q2 Q1 D D Quantity Factors affecting the supply of houses The table below shows the various factors that affect the supply of houses. Table 2: Factors affecting supply of houses S no. Factors Trend Reason Change in supply curve 1. Price If the price of houses increases then there is an increase in supply of houses and vice versa. Because sellers can then sell houses at higher rates thus making more profit. Movement along the supply curve. 2. Cost of building a house If the cost of building a house increases then there is a net decrease in supply of houses and vice versa. As this would mean a larger initial investment for the builder. Shift in the supply curve. 3. Government regulations If government regulations are inclined towards building/selling of houses then there is a net increase in supply of houses and vice versa. This would mean lower costs from the perspective of a builder/seller, which would result in more building/selling of houses. Shift in the supply curve. Source: Nationwide, Besanko et. al 2007 FIG. 1: Movement along the Supply curve. Price P1 P2 Q2 Q1 S S Quantity FIG. 2: Showing shifting of the supply curve. S S Price P1 Q2 Q1 S S Quantity Factors that have led to changes in the prices of house in UK over the last 3 years Source: Nationwide FIG. 5: Average house rates in UK from 2008 to 2010 During the first half of 2008 there was a 5.1% drop in house prices. With the financial crisis and a looming economic recession this price fall was expected. This was evident from the clear change in the consumers housing market sentiments, with people being more reluctant to buy houses. It should be noted that there is a direct relationship between the demand of houses and the confidence consumers have in the market (See table 1). In addition, factors such as high mortgage rates, tighter lending criteria, and higher interest rates affected the house prices in early 2008. The fall in demand from the buyers was also due to the rise in unemployment and associated job insecurity. Further, the problems in the credit market led to tighter lending conditions which made it difficult to obtain loans at higher loan-to-value ratios. However, these strict rules were predicted to lead to a more stable housing market. FIG. 6: Consumer House Price Expectations and House Purchase Approvals An anomaly in this trend was the slight increase in the prices in June and July 2008. This was probably because the suppliers had responded to price decline by reducing the supply of property. The reduced supply combined with an increased demand from potential buyers, who had been priced out previously, translated into a slight price rise of houses. In addition, the slight increase in prices was because of latent demand for houses. Earlier, due to the banking crisis there was reluctance among buyers to purchase houses. However, once the buyers saw that the government was taking corrective actions to stabilize the banking system, they re-entered the market along with the added assistance of low interest rates. (Nationwide, 2008) However, this was a mere aberration and between August 2008 and March 2009 the house prices fell by 10.1% due to the overall lack of consumer confidence in the economic and market conditions. In addition, there was an additional supply of houses from homeowners, whose financial positions were impacted by higher unemployment and lower income levels. FIG. 7: UK GDP and House Price Growth between 1985 and 2007 With UK slipping into recession, even drastic cuts in interest rates didnt help in increasing the demand for houses. The reduced access to credit resulting from the financial crises catalysed the fall in prices. Then, a combination of initial fall in prices, widespread news of financial turbulence, and slowdown in the real economy prompted consumers to expect further price falls. As consumers expectations turned negative, the incentive to enter the market reduced and this led to a sharp price fall. (Nationwide 2008, 2009) Then in June 2009, the low interest rates and extension of stamp duty holidays were welcomed by borrowers as they reduced the costs of already high priced housing market. Further, notwithstanding the economic downturn, there was a notable shift in house price expectation from negative to positive. These two factors resulted in increasing the demand for houses and thus increasing the price of houses. (Guardian 2009, Nationwide 2009) The second half of 2009 was marked by rebound in house prices. This was contributed by the better than expected performance of the labour market. Even though workers were forced from full-time to part-time work resulting in a reduction in income, the impact was less severe than if they had lost their jobs completely. In addition, reduction in mortgage rates meant that fewer borrowers had fallen into arrears than expected. This led to lesser number of second-hand properties being on sale and thus stabilizing the housing markets. (Nationwide 2009) The first half of 2010 also saw a 4.1% rise in prices of houses. An important factor of price rise during this period was the low level of stock for sale as many homeowners and buy-to-let landlords preferred to wait for prices to rise. And this approach was supported by the very low levels of interest rates. As a result, many potential sellers could easily afford to wait for prices to recover further before they decided to sell. Between July and October, there was a fall in the prices of houses. The impact of increasing capital gains tax from 18% to 28% was seen in the housing market, with many second homeowners choosing to sell them in response to the tax increase. Further, the spending cuts by the new government had clearly put a pressure on the disposable incomes of households. As a result there was a decrease in the prices of houses during this period. (Nationwide 2010) Factors that affect the sizes of different elasticities of demand for houses The responsiveness of the quantity of houses demanded to the change in prices, income, price of other goods, etc. is measured by the corresponding elasticities, i.e., Price elasticity of demand of houses, Income elasticity of demand of houses, or Cross prices elasticity of demand of houses. Factors that affect the sizes of different elasticities are as follows: Availability of substitutes: It is observed that more the number of substitutes, more elastic the demand will be. If the availability of rented accommodations is high, then a slight price rise will result in a large change in demand for houses because people will prefer to live in a rented apartment than to buy a house. Therefore, making the demand for houses elastic. On the other hand, if availability of rented accommodations is low, then even a large change in price would not affect the demand because everyone needs a place to live. Therefore, the demand for houses will be inelastic. Importance of the good in the consumers budget: Expenditure on housing, according to R.K. Wilkinson (1973), is an outcome of three sets of influences on the consumer, i.e., their needs, their aspirations, and their ability to realize their needs and aspirations. The latter is measured by the consumers income and the two former qualify the way in which income and changes in income affects housing expenditure. If there is a need for a house and consumers have the ability to realize that need, then the demand of houses would be inelastic. In contrast, if there is no real need and an aspiration to buy a (bigger) house combined with no real income to realize that aspiration, then the demand for houses will be highly elastic. Time: It was observed by Hanushek and Quigley (1980) that the demand for houses is elastic in the short-run. However, in the long-run the demand tended to be inelastic. This was because higher prices dissuade buyers to buy houses in the short-run. However, in the long-run he may realize that the price of houses will rise and thus he finds it better to buy a house. Conclusion In this essay we determined the factors that affected the prices of houses in UK during the last three years and the various factors that affect the elasticities of demand of houses. Based on the above discussion, I think consumer expectation of house prices is one of the most important drivers of prices in the short-run. As for the long-run, the drivers of house prices are the economic conditions, the fiscal policies, and supply of houses.

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John Steinbecks East of Eden - The Character of Adam Trask :: East Eden Essays

The Character of Adam Trask in East of Eden In Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the word love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Love can bring two people together but it can also have a person be rejected by another because of love. In the novel East of Eden by John Steinbeck, the main character, Adam Trask, confronts a feeling of love throughout the whole book but he either rejects the love of people who care about him or has his love rejected by the people that he cares about. When Adam was a young man in the beginning of the novel, his father, Cyrus Trask loved him but Adam did not love him back and when Adam went into the army he did not come back home until his father's death. Later on in the story Adam really loved his wife, Cathy, but she didn't love him back and so when she tried to leave him and he would not let her, she shot him. Even though Adam survived he was demoralized for most of his life because he still loved her. Through Adam's ex periences of love in the novel, John Steinbeck shows that Adam Trask has an inability to handle love. When he first appears in the novel, Adam Trask is a young man who is not loved by his brother or mother but only by his father. Cyrus had punished Adam before and had tried to teach him to be a soldier and so Adam hated him for that and when Cyrus told him he loved him, Adam did not accept his love. Cyrus tells Adam, "I think you're a weakling who will never amount to a dog turd. Does that answer your question? I love you better. I always have. This may be a bad thing to tell you, but it's true. I love you better. Else why would I have given myself the trouble of hurting you?" (Steinbeck 28). Cyrus is telling Adam that he has always loved him and that the only reason that he punished him is because he loved him. He wants Adam to go into the army because he knows that Adam would be courageous and since Cyrus was in the army, he wants to pass on the legacy. When Adam came home from his discharge, his brother and him were talking about their father and Adam told him the truth.

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Homicide Investigation Techniques Essay

Abstract Murder investigations are started when there is a suspicious death, there is precise steps that should be followed during a murder investigation. So that the case can be brought to court and prosecuted evidence is collected, suspects and witnesses are interviewed. The law enforcement personnel that participate in a murder investigation are individually trained to handle and process evidence; this includes protection of the crime scene and testifies in court. Definitions of homicides and manslaughter The two offenses that is classified, as homicide is murder and manslaughter; manslaughter is perpetrated in one of three ways; killing another individual with intent, but where compliance such as loss of control, decreased responsibility, or committing suicide by way of a concordat. Committing a crime where an individual is killed by gross negligence, gross given the risk of death and behavior in the form of an illegal act involving a danger that resulted in the death of another human. Murder or homicide is the illegal killing with malice and forethought of another human; this is usually considered a premeditated state of mind and separate murder from manslaughter, because the individual planned the murder with intention, (Osterburg, J. W. & Ward, R. H. 2010). Crime Scene Assessment With the arrival of the first law enforcement officer at a crime scene, there are strict procedurals guidelines. The first officer to arrive at a crime scene tries to detain anyone that could be a witness/suspect. It is the responsibility of this officer to secure the crime scene to keep the crime scene from becoming contaminated and the loss of evidence. With the arrival of the investigator that will take charge of the crime scene, the officer will detail all information acquired from possible witness or suspects. The investigator will document the crime scene with pictures, sketches, notes and even video of the evidence and surrounding area. After the walk through, the investigator begins formulating a theory of the crime focusing on the progressions of events to include locations and positions of those present during the crime. All evidence is collected and sect to the lab for analysis, (Osterburg, J. W. & Ward, R. H 2010). What is Victimology? Victimology is the study of issues interjecting to the intensification in victim perceptibility, characteristics and elements, persecution and its influences, and victim’s reactions to persecution. Through this scientist studies physical, expressive and monetary harm people suffer because of unlawful activities. Victims are individuals that experience loss, injury or hardship because of a criminal act. Victimology uses subjective approach to identify, define and describe the problems associated with being a victim (Karmen 2012). Conclusion Even with the most publicized crimes in the history of the Unites States Criminal Justice System, police can arrest, but they investigate first. The investigators must find out the cause of and time of death. Investigators define a successful homicide investigation as the one where a perpetrator is pinpointed, indicted and convicted of the crime.

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Honor System No Longer How Amending the ADA Can Eliminate Service Animal Scams Professor Ramos Blog

Honor System No Longer How Amending the ADA Can Eliminate Service Animal Scams Photo credit: NY Post         Yancy Baer, an Army veteran and amputee, gets ready each day with the help of his service dog, Verbena, as reported by Kevin Schwaller of KXAN News. Beanz, for short, brings Baer items that are out of reach even his prosthetic. Later, Beanz accompanies Baer to the Center for the Intrepid, a rehabilitation center in San Antonio where Baer works as a firearms instructor. Beanz’s presence is helpful not only to Baer but to the other veterans at the rehabilitation center; Baer comments that â€Å"Sometimes its just the boost that they need to keep going through the day for their rehabilitation† (Schwaller). Unfortunately, the rights and safety of legitimate service animals and their owners are being threatened by a recent trend in human indecency. In order to take their beloved pet everywhere with them, people are masquerading them as service animals. According to Baer, â€Å"’The people who are out there misrepresenting service dogs is one of the [largest], if not the largest problem we have. You have dogs who dont have public access rights who arent trained to responsibly behave in public. They bark, they growl, they lunge at other dogs or people even’† (Schwaller). Fake service dogs do not just pose a physical threat; they also undermine the public’s acceptance of legitimate service dogs. Cathy Burds, a Coloradan woman with hearing impairment, was grocery shopping with her service dog when she was accosted by a man who demanded to see the dog’s papers and tried to pull the leash out of her hands (Bush). â€Å"’I think they’re cheating the system and they’re cheating all of us and it causes this man to act this way,’† Burds said of those who abuse the law to take pets wherever they want (Bush). It’s not hard to see why this problem is getting so out of hand. Federal law does not require registration of service animals (U.S. Dept. of Justice). In the absence of such a system, online retailers such as U.S. Dog Registry sell official-looking vests, ID tags, and even phony registration papers without any sort of verification. The ADA’s website explicitly states that these registration websites do not provide proof that an animal is a service dog (U.S. Department of Justice). Yet, these products are enough to embolden non-service dog owners to break the law anyway. This is because to prevent discrimination, the ADA prohibits business owners and staff from requesting any documentation of the service animal. The law allows only two questions to be asked of an animal’s owner: â€Å"(1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?† (U.S. Dept. of Justice). Possible solutions to service animal fraud have not adequately solved the problem. As of March 2018, twenty-two states have criminalized the use of fraudulent service dogs and have implemented fines, sometimes as little as $50, as punishment (Michigan State University). Major airlines charge between $99 and $125 to bring a pet in the cabin on a one-way flight, so the risk of the fine and a petty misdemeanor charge is not enough to dissuade pet owners (CBS This Morning). It is nearly impossible to prove that service animal fraud is being committed anyway and most businesses are too afraid of being sued to ask even the permitted two questions. According to Sande Buhai, director of the Public Interest Department of Loyola Law School, â€Å"Even if a ‘service animal’ is not housebroken or is disturbing other patrons, the business will often do nothing lest its violation of the ADA leads to fines ($55,000 for the first offense; $100,000 for the second offense and beyond), ci vil penalty, and personal lawsuits by pet owners† (794). Effectively, animals that are obviously pets are permitted even when public health and safety is a concern because the ADA currently does not provide a way to verify that an animal is, in fact, a service animal. U.S. Dog Registry Service Dog Deluxe Kit $199         The solution to this growing problem is an amendment to the ADA that a) creates a federal service dog registry and b) allows employees to request an animal’s proof of registration. To create a federal service dog registry, the Department of Justice could implement a system with a simple 2-step verification process. An applicant must show documentation of a disability provided by a doctor. Then, the applicant would show that their animal is properly trained. The Department of Justice could utilize the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners’ (IAADP), which is a worldwide non-profit organization that has operated for over 30 years. The IAADP accredits animal training agencies and regularly assesses these agencies to ensure standards are being met. If the applicant’s animal has been trained by an IAADP-accredited organization, the owner would only need to submit documentation provided by the organization. Because the ADA allows the animal to be trained by the owner or non-accredited organizations, the DOJ could also allow service animals to be verified by passing the IAADP’s Public Access Test (IAADP). Testing could be done in person, at one of the IAADP’s accredited agencies, or by videotaping the service animal performing the test. After both the animal’s training and the person’s disability are verified, the person would receive a federal ID for the animal to wear on a harness or vest. This approach would deter people from attempting to pass their pet off as a service animal because it would easily be verifiable whether the animal is registered. Without a valid ID, it would be instantly apparent that the person is breaking the law. It would also remove the incentive for faking service animals in the first place. Businesses would be able to require verification for an animal to enter, and the lack of this system is what currently makes it so easy for people to bring their pet with them in â€Å"no pets† areas under the guise of service dog status. Second, this approach would uphold the ADA’s commitment to privacy and ease of access for disabled individuals. Some would argue that such an amendment would place an undue burden on handicapped individuals, but it would actually protect their rights. This is because the verification of a service animal’s status would remove the need for the awkward and potentially invasive questions currently allowed by the ADA (Buhai 796). It would also protect service dog owners from the harm caused by those abusing the system. Because ease of access is currently being jeopardized, such as in cases of discrimination due to bad experiences with fake service dogs, the amendment is necessary to ensure that legitimate service dogs are protected by law while others are no longer able to abuse the system. Those who argue against such an amendment claim that it would place an undue burden on disabled people. However, no such claims are made against the system of handicap parking placard system, which mandates that disabled people obtain a placard before they are permitted to park in a handicapped-only spot. Without this system, the public would essentially be on the â€Å"honors system† that is currently in place with service dogs. Access for handicapped spots is reserved for disabled people only but without placards, the public would be able to park in handicapped spots without penalty. This is exactly what’s happening with service dog use under the ADA. With no way of verifying that an animal is a service dog, anyone can abuse the system that is in place to help disabled people. As shown by the necessity of handicap placards, sometimes it is necessary to require verification of a disability so that others do not take advantage of a useful system. In conclusion, the problem of service dog fraud is best remedied by an amendment to the ADA that creates an official service dog registry and allows businesses to require that animals on the premises have proof of registration. While state laws have attempted to remedy the situation by criminalizing service dog fraud, this solution is rendered useless without a way to verify whether an animal is indeed a service animal. Though such an amendment to the ADA would require additional effort on the part of service dog owners, it does not violate the ADA just as the handicap parking system does not infringe on the rights of the disabled. If this system were in place, the safety and public acceptance of those like Bauer and his service dog Beanz would not be threatened by people who scam the system to gain a minor convenience. Buhai, Sande. â€Å"Preventing the Abuse of Service Animal Regulations.† Legislation and Public Policy, vol. 19, no. 4, 2016, pp. 771-796, Accessed 6 August 2018. This publication reports the various laws related to service animals in the United States as well as the problems with these laws that allow for service animal fraud. I use this paper in my report to address current deficiencies in federal law that make service animal fraud possible. This report was authored by Sande Buhai, Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Public Interest Department of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. It was published by a peer-reviewed journal. Bush, Stan. â€Å"’She Had Her Vest On’: Woman with Service Dog Attacked At GroceryStore.† CBS Denver, November 27, 2007, Accessed 6 August 2018. This news report highlights the personal story of a woman who has been affected by service dog scams. I use this in my report to show that service animal fraud is not a victimless crime. This report was published by a CBS news affiliate. â€Å"International Association of Assistance Dog Partners Minimum Training Standards for Public Access.† International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP), 1995, Accessed August 9, 2018. This report analyzes the minimum training standards necessary prior to a service animal’s access to the public. It concludes the â€Å"public access test† and provides a sample training log accompanied by instructions. I use this publication in my report to show a possible way to verify the training of services dogs. This report was compiled by employees, published online, and presented by a non-profit, cross-disability organization. â€Å"Passengers Abuse Rules to Bring Animals on Planes.† YouTube, uploaded by CBS This Morning, May 14, 2005, Accessed August 4, 2018. This news report analyzes the current reasons that people abuse service animal regulations, including to bypass airline fees. I use this study in my report to show that current laws are not sufficient deterrents to service animal fraud. This report was compiled by journalists, published on television and online, and presented by a professional news agency. Schwaller, Kevin. â€Å"Fake service dogs: The harm caused by pet owners who break the rules.†Ã‚  KXAN, February 21, 2016, Accessed August 7, 2018. This report highlights the story of a man and his service dog who are affected by the recent trend of service animal fraud. I use this news story in my report to show that service animals are necessary to the disabled and the right to a service animal is being infringed upon by those who commit fraud. This report was compiled by journalists, published on television and online, and presented by a professional news agency. United States, Department of Justice. Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section.   â€Å"ADA 2010 Revised Requirements: Service Animals.† American Disabilities Act, 12 July 2011, This government document explains the federal laws that relate to service animals. I use this document in my report to explain the current law as well as its deficiencies. This publication is available through the U.S. Department of Justice’s official website.

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Atomic Energy essays

Atomic Energy essays The users that are infected usually arent aware of the disease until its too late for them to be properly treated. People that get AIDS from having more than one sexual partner effect the life of every person they sleep with. Mothers who are pregnant with AIDS may pass the disease on to their child without them being able to do anything about it. No matter how a person gets the disease their chances of dying are 100%. Family and friends of AIDS patients are effected because they have to see that person go through the disease. In the long run, there is no easy way to deal with AIDS; the burden is something people have to cope with in their own way. Remedies of AIDS are very limited since there isnt a cure for the disease. Treatment for AIDS is given only to slow the disease from spreading rapidly. One major drug called AZT has been highly effective in reducing HIV transmission. The most effective method of preventing HIV and AIDS is education. Parents and schools make the students aware of the disease at an early age so they are at a lower risk. Education and the use of certain drugs have reduced the amount of people who get the disease and die with the disease, but thats not enough. In just one year the amount of people who are infected with HIV has risen 10 percent. AIDS is a social problem that everyone would like to get rid of. The disease is painful emotionally and physically both for the patient and their family. For the disease to be kept under control, massive campaigns and cooperation are needed to spread the education of AIDS to all countries. The commitment and resources needed to create such a project has been a problem since some people dont want to be part of such a dangerous epidemic. Until a cure or something used to prevent AIDS is discovered, the number of HIV infections will continue to rise. All people must learn how to protect themselves and remember its ...

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Child Protection in School Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Child Protection in School - Essay Example Safety is important to protect children from extreme pain, incapacitation, dismemberment or even death. In addition, breach of safety by supervisors, parents or (and) equipment makers can lead to legal suits for breach of safety standards. Each year, institutions of learning in Britain pay thousands of pounds to compensate injured children within school premises. For example, Gloucestershire council paid GBP 7,000 compensation to a student after a teacher accidentally injured a pupil during rugby tackle demonstration (NSPCC, 2011). Safety Safety is in everyone’s mind in the playground. As much as children require a lot of opportunities to engage in physical activities, it is important to ensure that they are safe from potential harm or injury. Dangers inherent during physical exercise include; burns, drowning, poisoning, falls, getting knocked over, cuts, breakages, dehydration, rape, beating and extreme is death. There are a number of worrying incidents where children die dur ing physical activities. Child’s serious injury during physical exercise is bad and death of a child during physical exercise is worst and unacceptable. When death in the field is reported, it sends cold shivers in people who listen and anger inhibits one’s heart. For example, according to Brighton and Hove Council, a child fell from the roof of air raid shelter when he climbed the fence to retrieve a ball. In Medway, a pupil was injured when goal post fell on him and at Cornwall; a student was injured by a ball kicked by a teacher. In addition, a child at Rotherham, South Yorkshire was hurt in the playground when another child splashed him with custard. Worst, Kyle Rees 16 year old boy at Portchester school, Bournemouth died when hit by a cricked ball on the head. Finally, a research conducted by NSPCC between 2007 and 2010 revealed that 75 percent of children were subjected to harmful treatment by coaches or their peers. Peers contribute significant portion injuries or harm experienced (NSPCC 2011). To ensure children‘s safety during physical education, teachers or guardians supervising then must be informed that children unlike adults may not be in a position to anticipate accidents or possible injuries. Therefore, it is the responsibilities and duty of adults to anticipate potential accidents and risk and prevent them from happening. According to Sportengland (n.d.), there is a safety framework that is useful in creating safe sporting environment, which prevent harm. The framework is a benchmark that is useful in making informed decisions, challenging harmful practices and promotes best safety practices. To prevent likelihood of accidents occurring, it is important to note below factors; Playgrounds need to be surrounded by handrails, fences, rubber surfaces and crash barriers to make children safe by preventing them from falling. Children need to be educated in safety measure to reduce injury risks. They also need to cover-up and gear- up during physical exercises. For example, children playing must wear helmets when riding bicycles to protect their heads from serious injury in case they fall and wear hats when playing in the sun to prevent sunburns. The people in charge with physical exercises should ensure that all sporting equipment and gears are in perfect working conditions and fitting properly. In addition, children need to shape up by preparing adequately before main physical activities to prepare their bodies and prevent them

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Economic Growth and Unemployment Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Economic Growth and Unemployment - Dissertation Example 2.1 Theories of Economic Growth in UK For several years, economists have debated on the drivers of economic growth of a country. In this section of the research proposal, certain ideas of economists will be reviewed to present a concrete idea about the driving factors. According to articles released by Tutor2u (2010), the best definition for economic growth would be to determine it as a â€Å"long term expansion of the productive potential of the economy†. The theory suggests that for measuring the economic growth trend, at least data of past 20 years is required. This is essential for calculating the average rate of growth and identifying different cycles of economic growth. This trend calculation also allows for estimating the future rate of growth sustainability without creating any increase in the pressure of inflation (Tutor2u, 2010). The chart above demonstrates the potential level of national income for the UK economy over the last 30 years. The trend shows that the UK’s national income is expected to rise every year except certain uncertainties. Another essential factor of the chart is the long run average potential for growth. 2.2 Theories Related to the Economic Growth and Employment in UK The focus of the literature review is to measure the relationship between the rate of growth and level of employment in the UK economy. Data released by Department for Business Innovation and Skills (2010) shows the co-movement of UK’s GDP and employment since the last 30 years.