Saturday, October 19, 2019

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS - Assignment Example However, the industrialization is an imperative need for England if the government is interested into fulfilling the basics of the country’s population. Taylor guided the managers to promote sameness and integrative objective setting in the organizations. The idea needed the companies to get highly trodden in order to facilitate effective communication. The SMEs have a smaller setup as compared to other larger forms of the organizational structures and therefore, they can provide the perfect venue for the execution Taylor’s philosophy towards organizational culture and structure. The main idea behind International Labor Organization’s definition of child labor is to give children an opportunity to experience growth, nourishment and development before becoming an active part of the workforce. The areas upon which the definition emphasizes are age, safety of children who work and it is strictly against the work that is taken without making appropriate compensation to the less-aged workers. Child labor does not encompass everything that is done by the children and ILO allows organizations to hire youngsters to do the jobs which do not strain them significantly. The current business, entrepreneurial and corporate mindset is looking to minimize the cost of production and they look to save each and every penny at their disposable. The child labor is the cheapest workforce available and the companies always seek cheap labor and therefore, businesses in all parts of the world are hiring children to do their dirty work. However, the developing economies and emergent nations have gotten the worst condition in this regard because of their poor legal infrastructure and framework. Nevertheless, the organizations such as UNO and WTO have to play their due roles in terms of causing the companies to implement modern labor laws until than they remain a set of dream-words. Additionally, the humanistic values are required to

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