Friday, October 18, 2019

Evaluate and report on the most recent (FY2012 or FY2013 if released) Essay

Evaluate and report on the most recent (FY2012 or FY2013 if released) Annual Report of an Australian company - Essay Example Accounting Analysis: It includes the analysis of the company’s three key accounting policies that are likely to affect interpretation of its financial reports, what the primary areas of accounting flexibility for these policies are, and a comparison to those of Times Telecom Inc. Financial Analysis: It includes the presentation and interpretation of relevant ratios for Telstra Corp. Ltd. and Times Telecom Inc., a time series analysis of these for both the companies over the past three years, an evaluation of the company’s cash flow position from operating activities, investing activities, cash flow to debt and equity holders, and cash flow to equity holders, and an analysis of the company’s overall financial position. Prospective analysis: It includes the forecasts of key elements of income statements and balance sheets for the company for the next five financial years, the presentation of these ‘condensed’ income statements and balance sheets, reaso ns for the major forecast items, valuation of the company using the methods: Discounted cash flow method and Gordon growth model, and an indication of estimated value per share. Recommendation: It includes recommending the client on the overall analysis of the company by summarizing all the analysis and by comparing the estimated value per share with the market value. ... nal businesses include Telstra Global’s networks and managed services business, Hong Kong mobile operator CSL New World and Telstra’s China-based search and advertising businesses. 2. Business and Strategic Analysis The mission statement of the company is â€Å"We strive to serve our customers better than anyone else†. Economic Analysis: Australia is ranked 3rd out of the countries in the Asia–Pacific region. A policy framework that encourages impressive economic resilience has resulted because of Australia’s strong commitment to economic freedom. Openness to investment and global trade is resolutely institutionalized, and the economy has rebounded quite quickly from the global recession. Corruption is negligible, and a well-performing independent judiciary ensures strong fortification of property rights. Steady financial system and prudent regulations have allowed banks to withstand the global financial chaos with little commotion. Sovereign debt l evels are under full control, and public finances are soundly managed. Australia becomes one of the world’s most trustworthy and lucrative environments for entrepreneurs because of A steady and transparent business environment. Industry Analysis: The telecom market of Australia is a extremely cutthroat market with a well-established independent regulator. The growth for mobile is expected to continue within postpaid and prepaid segments as all the leading mobile operators offer HDSPA and 3G services. Australia is a leading market in smart phone penetration in the world with local smart phone ownership predicted to grow to over 60% in the next 12 months along with an expected doubling in the volume of mobile data traffic. In particular, growth projections in the order of 280% to 2015 reflect the high demand for

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