Thursday, September 12, 2019

Writer's choose Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Writer's choose - Research Paper Example Many archaeologists, towards the end of the 1980s, explained that the political organization of the city was structured in a "multepal" system where political ruling was through the council made up of members of ruling lineages. In terms of economy, Chichen Itza was a major player; this is because it was a major regional capital controlling trade in Yucatan in the period AD 900 and AD 1050, with Isla Cerritos as a major trading port. The city also participated in the circum-peninsular trade via its Isla Cerritos port; thus it obtained resources from distant lands; for example, obsidian was obtained from Central Mexico, and gold was obtained from the Southern Central America (Schele and David 13). The initial site core layout of the Chichen Itza developed during the period 750 AD and 900 AD; final layout was implemented after the year 900 AD, and in the 10th Century the city became a regional trade capital, controlling trade area between the North coast and Central Yucatan and its trade power spreading to the peninsula east and west coasts. Chichen Itza prominence rose at around 600 AD; however the site became a regional power at the later stages of the Late Classic period, and initial stages of Terminal Classic period. The site controlled and dominated socio-political and economic aspects in Maya lowlands in the North (Castaà ±eda 298). The rise of Chichen Itza relates with the decline of major centers in the lowlands of Southern Maya. Archaeological data shows that Chichen Itza influence reduced considerably as from 1250 CE; Mayan chronicles indicate that in the 13th century, ruler of Mayapan (Hunac Ceel) conquered the city, Chichen Itza. In the year 1526, a charter was gr anted by the King of Spain to Francisco de Montejo so as conquer Yucatan.Montejo led alarge Indo-Spanish army which concoured the Yucatan Peninsula. The Spanish King thereafter gave a land grant and by 1588,

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