Thursday, September 26, 2019

Working with and Leading People Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Working with and Leading People - Assignment Example 80) Advertisement prior the recruitment and selection process should be made on the televisions, magazines and social media networks such as Facebook. This strategy will create awareness to the unemployed population in the country that is interested in seeking application opportunities for a job in the marketing area (Chapman & Mayers, 2015: p. 32). I would filter the applicants as per the level of knowledge and experience they have acquired in the past. The filtering is based on the experience they got in working in any office of the press. Also applicants with excellent writing skills and learned to a standard degree are the need for the selection process. Recruitments process involves identifying vacancies and opportunities in departments to create a new position so that new candidates selected in the hiring process is replaced. The examination should be conducted to find out the availability of a gap in the office of the company (Newton, Chandler, Sayer & Burke, 2015:p. 27). The irrelevant tasks need to be removed from the transferred department. Developing a position description such as formulating interview questions and evaluations, identifying duties and responsibilities is necessary. The process enables the formulation of performance objectives and goals for the organization. It is also essential for career planning and training of candidates because it presents clear differences between the level of responsibilities and competencies needed for the operation of the company. The pay information needed to be outlined to enhance the improvement of the job description. Recruitment plans help in posting requirements, placements of goals and resume banks that assist in recognizing qualified candidates. Hiring manager should find the workers within the organization who have no connection with applicants in the process. The position should be dispatched to the

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