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Questions answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Questions answer - Essay Example In addition, the European press always presented war in a romantic analogy. Diplomacy was mainly tied to alliance systems between the central and the allied powers. The Central Powers comprised of Germany, Italy and Austro-Hungary while the allies included France, Britain and Russia (Shaara 8). In fact, according to the print media, warfare was a matter of nationalistic pride. This war was also facilitated by the ignorant nature of the citizens and their apathetic nature to foreign affairs. Additionally, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand beefed up the war in Europe. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand in the summer of 1914 led to the outbreak of the war which involved a Bosnian terrorist who was seeking Bosnian independence. In this period, the Europeans were eager to experience the war. Some of them were even willing to risk their life by fighting in the war. This is because most of the youths and students inculcated the spirit of patriotism and devotion to the state. There are some prominent individuals who influenced the citizens substantially in believing that the war encouraged togetherness in the country (Shaara 9). Question #2 In the 1920s, there was a great reaction in the world which was caused by the wars in the world. The Great War is also known as World War I. According to most individuals, the Great War was a unique war because it involved several countries. Further analysis also depicts that the Great War involved huge life losses. Approximately 10 million men were killed. In fact, the Great War differed from the expectations of the generals and the majority of the Europeans. Most individuals thought that the war would last a single winter. However, the war lasted for four years. The main reason why the Great War differed so much from the expectations of the generals and the Europeans was because; both the military and diplomatic plans of the political leaders had failed in Europe (Shaara 18). In addition, the technological innovations had cha nged the warfare at the battlefield. In this period, the introduction of machine guns, battleships and airplanes significantly affected the war both at sea and on land. The machine guns favored most of the defense schemes employed by countries. The airplanes were mostly utilized for the survey but, bombs were not used in the war. The main warfare took place in Northern France, Southeastern Europe and Russia. In these areas, most of the people who were killed were the men. This is because the individuals in the warzone were not able to predict the extensiveness of the war. This war also created a gulf between military and civilian populations (Shaara 10). Question #3 Total war was a military quarrel whereby numerous countries mobilized all the available resources in order to destroy the ability of other nations to participate in war. This practice of total war was significantly utilized in the 19th century. Total war was also recognized as a separate class of warfare. Research assert s that total war was mainly caused by industrialization. It is quite prevalent that World War I influenced the birth of total war in the industrial age. During this period, soldiers faced each other in battlegrounds that had become extremely lethal due to the advancement in warfare machinery. There was no war witnessed in history such as the First World War. The main reason why this war was significant as opposed to other wars was because it had a long-term effect on the industrial revolution. According to various

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