Friday, September 13, 2019

Parental Communication Initiative as An Answer to Most of the Social Essay - 1

Parental Communication Initiative as An Answer to Most of the Social Issues - Essay Example Talking about such topics should not be made hard especially when parents open up the communication lines with teenage offspring. If parents can talk to these teens, maybe the 2008 statistics where18% of who commits abortion is teenagers would have been lower (Jones, et al, 5). Presently, efforts are being made and 82% of parents are already taking time talking to their children about sex and sexuality according to the Planned Parenthood website. This may be the factor which can decrease the number of teenage pregnancies over the years. Numbers will not go down instantly though there will be changes. Same goes for those teens with different forms of vices and abusive habits which can affect not just the physical aspect but also the mental and social aspects of life. Parents should be the guide to the children especially those on the teenage years where a lot of changes do happen not just physically but almost the totality of a teenager’s personality. This is not to blame parents for the mistakes of the youth, yet this may awaken parents of what can be done for the improvement of humanity. Parents should also set an example to these teens on how to properly lead their lives. Sometimes children see parents having vices. When they reach their teenage years and more independence is experienced and practiced, these teenagers may have the perception that these vices are allowed and can be done which should not be the case. Something needs to be done to break the chain and improve the lives of those teenagers who will be future leaders. Things can still be changed and parents can still make it a point to talk to teenage kids every now and then. Teenagers have the tendencies though of being hard headed.

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