Saturday, August 24, 2019

Should Cultural Anthropology Stop Trying to Model Itself as a Science Essay

Should Cultural Anthropology Stop Trying to Model Itself as a Science - Essay Example This paper illustrates articles by two schools of thought that seem to offer conflicting ideas on the question of cultural anthropology modeling itself as a science. This is because humanities and sciences tend to appear as though they compete for validity, as though, the two disciplines are two opposite extremes. In this regard, Geertz bears in mind that cultural anthropology is best done through interpretation, the humanities way, while Carneiro is of the view that studies should be done through studying the causes and effects. Carneiro’s way is the scientific method. According to the articles, Geertz opinion is that the humanistic approach to cultural anthropology is the best. This is based on the understanding that interpretation leads to definite contextual comprehension. In this regard, the application of scientific approaches puts to risk analysis of cultural aspects being incomplete. In addition, the issue of anthropology being a science gains popularity with its dual ancestry where it is the most scientific humanity of all. This is, in addition to being the most, humanist of all sciences. Based on the information it is crucial to note that anthropology should stick to being human in that all information should be deduced through interpretation for utmost accuracy. This is, in addition to attempting to prove, or disapprove scientific laws by generating deeper interpretations of diverse cultural phenomena. On the other hand, based on Carneiro, scientific should be used to explain cultural phenomena based on facts and evidence to create logical and rational explanations. This is as proposed through cause-effect studies, as opposed to the mere interpretation of causes and effects. In addition, cultural anthropology focuses on analysis thus, to Carneiro; it is a science, as opposed to the humanistic methods applied by interpretation. In this regard, the analysis goes deeper into details in an attempt to capture more information than that which is fou nd in humanist anthropology.

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