Thursday, August 29, 2019

Asian people taking on non-typical or roles they are not characterized Essay

Asian people taking on non-typical or roles they are not characterized to in British cinema - Essay Example And that is what is the Asian Artists in England are aiming for; to craft their story and the performance in such a way that it entertains and touches the heart of the English community as much as it does of the Asian people. Asian directors are doing their best to bid for the mainstream. The year was 1986. A movie called ‘My beautiful Laundrette’ was released. Scripted by writer from Asian origin, Hanif Kureishi, the movie tells a story of the Asian community living in London [1]. It proved to be a commercially successful movie and gave inspiration to the upcoming Asian artists in England a hope to confidently launch their career move thinking that ‘mainstream’ is not out of their reach ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg. 49). help of his school friend Johnny, turns around the business of laundry. The story has all the issues that try to portray the Asian community like homosexuality , rebellious women, religious pressure, and an effort to adjust with the different culture. ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg..pg84). It talked about what was happening at that time with Asian origin people and how they were trying to break from the barriers of tradition by choosing to live the life of their own and taking their own decisions. ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg. 85). The film got a mixed response. Although it was received well by the audience, it was also criticized by some Asian audience and the critics saying that it misrepresented the Asian community and has given a negative shade to the Asian people ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg..85). But one thing was certain, the film of Asian origin got the entry in the ‘mainstream’. However, for the Asian artists, there was still long way to go and many

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