Thursday, July 25, 2019

Individual Work Critical Review Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Individual Work Critical Review - Assignment Example The group members worked on different tasks including creating a uniform design, video, and presentation of the content. According to Strang, (2013), once the big image is in focus, it is necessary to form the implementation approach and plan. This starts with a detailed assessment of several aspects including specific training needs, present and proposed technology. The web design we created had consistency both on mobile screens and desktop, where we found that it was easier to keep dependable brand uniqueness. There was also no extra style guides that needed to be linked to several parties, like different interventions for the desktop and mobile types of our site. This made it easy for individuals to distinguish the website, regardless of where, and how they would visit the site.The group members have enjoyed the reliability that has seen the success of the media website. Since the usability is vital for any website that is responsive and user-friendly, our group website visitors had better relationship with our brand especially when they recognized our Wix site on mobile, they also had knowledge of how to use it. According to Phillips and others (2012) usually a regular content and style is essential since the majority of users do not expect it to be unique because they use different devices. An important feature of good usability is meeting ones user’s expectations. If one manages to do that, then they may experience less trouble navigating their website. WiX site makes it easy for its readers to browse the site on the devices while maintaining a positive user’s experience. Moreover, a good experience raises the chance of many repeat visits (Strang, 2013). Our group website has experienced better usability that has ensured its success. The group also enjoyed a small maintenance cost since the website had a responsive design where one is only needed to sustain one website. Although the layout fluctuates, the

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