Friday, July 19, 2019

Defining Good Advice :: Definition Essays

Defining Good Advice What is good advice? As Rosymar stated, "Good advice is general, specific, and a helpful idea that could transmit confidence and security, usually, we get it from someone we trust." Good advice, to me, is some help in life that comes from a person that the advisee trusts. Advice is good when it is given thoughtfully to a person. It has to be from the heart, not just said for the sake of being said. Generally, good advice has to come from experience. I can't tell a friend that I understand a situation if I have never experienced it myself. Although, the advisor won't know everything about anything, with the advisors' experience, reliable advice should be given. I have found and observed that the best advice is given from someone that knows what it feels like to be in the same position. Otherwise, the advisor is just guessing as to what the right way to solve the problem. How does good advice work? Good advice is only found useful if it relates to the situation. Take road signs for example. A "watch for moose" sign wouldn't be placed in the middle of Los Angles. It is not right because (I am assuming) there aren't enough moose in Los Angles that people need to be careful while driving. The advice may be used later on in life, though, just as long as it applies. It also works when it is not forced on the advisee. The final result from the pressure is the advisee feeling rotten for the way he/she handled the situation. The only way the advisee will learn from the experience is if he/she decides which part if any to be used them selves. Advice doesn't work if it is not truthful. The advisee would not be asking the advisor for advice if a truthful, helpful, and understanding response wasn't expected. If the advisee respects the advisor enough to ask for help, the advisor should respect the advisee enough to give honest advice. I agree with the notion that good advice and good writing are connected. Language can be written or spoken, so I think that it is language and good advice that are connected. The language influences the way that a person interprets the message. If the advice is truthful and doesn't 'beat around the bush' it is more effective.

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