Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Create a new animal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Create a new animal - Assignment Example The fins have strong muscles that can break the jaw of man and other strong animals like a dog and this means it can scare away several water mammals. The most outstanding feature in this animal is its strong jaws with three pairs of chisel shaped incisors and a row of corrugated molars and premolars. It can tear the strongest and thickest flesh in any animal as it is more of a carnivore. Its mode of attacking its prey which is big fish and other water mammals is very ferocious and gruesome as it ruthlessly tears them and maim within two contacts. This means that it has to kill the prey within the first furious three bites and eats it away slowly. The funny thing about this animal is that it cannot eat carcass that has been there for more than six hours .The water bear is a unique creature with high level of intelligence that can sense impending danger two kilometers away and prepare for a reaction. It is the only water animal that hisses like a snake and can stay underwater for more than thirty minutes yet it breathes using lungs. It is an experience watching this wonder of the

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