Saturday, June 15, 2019

Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Assignment - 2

Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies - Assignment ExampleThe combination of these qualities has been the pivotal reason behind the success story of apple Inc. which revolutionized the retail industries and the technology. Apple Inc. is dedicated towards the main standards of ethical conduct, environment and social responsibilities. The prime purpose of the paper is to provide vivid information about the ethical and social responsibility, online position and strategies of the Apple Corporation.According to David Kurtz, social responsibility is defined as the management values that comprises of contributing resources to the developing in nonprofit programs, community and maintaining the innate environment for the benefit of the general community. Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation of America founded in 1976. Apple develops, designs, sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and online services. Apple strives to be committed towards making an extraordinary technology and be socially and ethically responsible (Lencioni, 2012). According to the management of Apple Corporation, social responsibility is defined as the essential in the manner of doing business in the organization. In case of suppliers, it has been stated on the Progress Report of Global Suppliers Responsibility by Apple as providing safe working surroundings.Some of the social responsibility program initiated by Apple Inc. in the year 2010 includes increase in the event of facilities that are audited, use of probable conflict minerals are mapped, prevention of hiring underage workers, introduction of educated facilities that can help to manage third-party recruiters, protection of worker from other countries by dedicated additional resources and expansion in the training initiative. In case of training expansion, 300,000 workers are trained on their protections and

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