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The role of Technology, Government, Entrepreneurshipin pre-post world Essay

The role of Technology, Government, Entrepreneurshipin pre-post world war 2 - Essay role modelThese nations also got into scientific research where by technological, industrial and military weapons discovery and advancement took place. The research aimed at building machinery and weapons to combat threat by enemies. Significant alter in presidency and political map, radically changed to keep limits on what a territory could do and it could not do in regard to size of it and capabilities it attained1. This paper discusses the role of technology, government, and entrepreneurship in pre-post World War II. The introduction of Controlled Material Plan led to the dissemination of materials to the people who were straight off involved in the war. This included the dispersal of weapons and other critical material to the military. The intent also involved distribution of metal like copper, steel and aluminum. This dispersal regulated the demand and issue to industries. The dispersal in volved relocation of critical materials regardless the time of request, their form or quantity. The government was directly controlling the administration, supervision and manufacturing of these materials back in the manufacturing centers to the heart of a nations economy disdain the influence of war and desperation. The control and decentralization of CMP took place under an organization created by the government referred to as the pyramid. Government officials chaired the pyramid. They scheduled dispersion of critical materials to the Navy department, War department, maritime commission, economic and trade commission, as well as, the lend-lease administration2 . The new deal involved a series of economic strategies in the domestic help level in which programs were created and enacted to the native people. The new deal comprised of a congress and a presidential correspondence, where by, the congress passed laws as the president administered executive orders. As a result, the nat ive people underwent a historic first gear in which they responded to the program by advocating economic recovery, poverty and unemployment relief, as well as financial constitution reform. The peoples cry resulted to political realignment and creation of strategies for the new deal. These strategies involved reforms like formation of elective parties in different nations, as well as presidential sitting, of up to ten years3. However, the New speak did not end the depression as Europe and America aided the Allies. The involvement of the America in the bombing Pearl Harbor was a sign of growing stormy clouds of the World War II. In fact, this revitalized threats to the target nations like African Americans, therefore, imposing economic downgrading to these nations. The results from threats, arising from upcoming of the World War II generated crush in the stock markets of nations all over. The governments reaffirmed the corrective objective of the existence of the New Deal by inst illing full participation policy. The reaffirming policy required people to involve themselves in the defense perk up up regardless of race and creed4. The governments in deferent nations imposed martial laws so that they could preserve civilize and moral uprightness in the societies they governed. Presidents imposed martial laws in accordance to the requirements emergency acts declared in the World War II. The martial law act was used during conflicts in occupation cases where civil government provided for unstable populations. Governments used martial laws to detain people who

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