Monday, May 13, 2019

Survey for neighborhood housing service (NHS) Essay

Survey for neighborhood housing answer (NHS) - Essay ExampleSurveys were collected randomly from the North Bronx community specifically the 2 Train kale at Gun Hill Road and snow-clad Plains Road, 219th Street and White Plains Road and 225th Street and White Plains Road. The data from the surveys were then entered into the website which enabled us to create a web-based survey and provide analysis for the results.Although the majority of the surveys were unblemished at the Gun hill location, the survey covered the entire North Bronx area according to the naught codes listed. For each observation we compared and contrasted and of course made conclusions and recommendations about their relationship with the help of This method and process depict took place after taking surveys at the North Bronx community for neighborhood housing services (NHS). counsel group discussions muckle often enrich findings obtained from surveys as for example in a stud y of parents of 2000 spicy school students (Bers, 2002). However, they are very time consuming and difficult and only necessary in both case if more detailed insight is required of particular findings. Moreover, they also pose a argufy to the rigour of qualitative research (Twinn, 2000).Therefore, it was considered sufficient to conduct a simple qualitative survey to quick obtain results. Surveys have the advantage of being inexpensive, can be consumptiond to generalize about the wider population, can be administered locally as well as remotely, and the standardized questions enable precise data entreaty amongst other benefits (CSU, 2009). Though weak on validity they are strong in terms of reliability.As for the types of questions, although most were closed-ended to facilitate analysis of standardized responses, a few open-ended questions were also made use of at the end of the questionnaire in order to solicit details of two things i.e. their greatest concern in the communit y and anything extra they would like to share. So this allowed them the

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