Saturday, May 4, 2019

Discussion Paper - Green Meetings Task Force Report Essay

Discussion Paper - Green Meetings Task Force Report - Essay Example every(prenominal) sector of the event industry, is supposed to develop comprehensive environmental policies coupled with a strategy, in run to implement the environmental policy. There should also be constant communication between the management ply and auxiliary staff, regarding the stipulations of the environmental policy.Additional token(prenominal) measures include- recycling used products, purchasing environmental friendly products, performing routine maintenance checks on emissions, creating energy management programs to reduce energy consumption and generally avoiding waste resources.Some suggestions put forward by the Council be easy to implement, such as- ensuring that all employees are aright informed regarding the measures of environmental sustainability, recycling and using biodegradable products. However, some of the measures are very difficult to implement. such(prenominal) measures include- curbi ng the emissions of vehicles and using alternative fuel vehicles.The measures needed to be implemented, to create a sustainable environment, are very costly. The measures require a lot of capital to be implemented. Additionally, the measures require enormous support from the government. However, on that point is no political will from the government. These are some of the obstacles that may limit the implementation of the measures.The issue of environmental sustainability has been a hot topic globally. Therefore, I wish to ask a few questions regarding its possibility- Are the minimum measures adopted adequate? Have we reached a point of no return regarding

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