Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cultural relativism (sociology) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cultural relativism (sociology) - Es verbalize compositors caseSuch affinitys are popular in western world in footing of partner relationship and marriage but it is condemned in the eastern world. When we deal with people in or from cultures different from our own, non only prudence but also moral decency requires that we attend to these differences and consider them with care and sensitivity in light of the respect we owe the members of other cultures simply as human beings. It is a true teaching relating to the sociology and anthropology of moral beliefs (What is Culture relativism).Differences in dress, diet, and social norms are readily apparent. Such diversity in terms of ethics and justice are also easily seen and apparently shaped by the culture in which we live. Proponents of cultural relativism believe this cultural diversity proves that culture alone is responsible for our morality (Culture relativism). Moral relativists say that what we perceive as moral convictions o r conscience are the byproducts of culture. Moreover, to pass judgment on other culture would be ethnocentric. This strength, nevertheless, is also a major weakness. Cultural relativism excuses us from judging moral practices of other culture. Still, provide the feeling of being compelled to condemn such actions as the Holocaust or ethnic ablutionary (Cultural Relativism).

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