Thursday, May 9, 2019

Coursework 1 Report Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Coursework 1 Report - Dissertation ExampleThe online get to of products offered by the depart workforcetal cut ins has brought the consumers closer to the industry. The internet activities in context to the Japanese department store SOGO is atomic number 53 such example. The Japanese style department store is a preferred destination of consumers for style lie products that are desired by the nodes (Wordie 183). SOGO is a preferred destination and one-stop shopping centre for customers who could have the joyousness of shopping in an ideal environment. Leveraging on its brand name built over the old age and the quality of its goods and services, the participation has introduced internet based activities which created a change in the behaviour of the customers. Based on the emerging demands of their customers, SOGO has designed future strategies for implementation. The future strategies are inclusion of a wide range of customers with its services like internet based marketing w hich enable e-commerce for the consumers and also allows the company to increase its customer base. Organisation Background SOGO is a Japanese style department store that includes Hong Kong and China as its major(ip) areas of operation. The company was founded by Japans SOGO. The style department store is currently owned by the Lifestyle International Holdings which is controlled by the billionaire brothers Joseph Lau and Thomas Lau of Hong Kong. Japans style department store SOGO started its operations in the Causeway Bay in 1985 but renovated its store to become JUMBO SOGO in 1993. The company increased its floor area and expanded its operations but in 2000, the company declared nonstarter due to the burden of debt of $17bn. It was then that Japans SOGO was acquired by the Hong Kong based Lau brothers. The second department store was launched by the Hong Kong based group in 2005. Chow Tai Fook Enterprises which is owned by Cheng Yu-teng also has a controlling stake in the style d epartment store. The SOGO Hong Kong departmental store is listed in the Hong Kong Stock supersede since 2004. The products offered the style department store are customised to suit the style requirements of its customers. The products sold the department store includes men and women shoes of diametrical styles and fashion, watches of different categories for men and women, branded watches of various style statements, cosmetics and fragrances for both men and women, intimate apparel and underwear, etc. The departmental store also sells several food items of different tastes. The food items include the flavors of different region. The food items include delicious and specialised Vietnamese dishes and Italian food items. SOGO also publishes a hebdomadally new magazine in which its advertises its foods and accessory items, products of casual use, handbags, cosmetics and other necessary things of different styles required for daily use. The departmental store holds a comprehensive ra nge of products and goods that are customised to meet the style of different segments of the customers. In order to advertise and promote its products and to spread its customer base, SOGO style departmental stor

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