Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Communication and Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Communication and Media - Essay ExampleWherever we look the availability of study bombards us with the need to accumulate. In a time where we are no longer bounded by only three forms of media, namely, television, radio and print, it would seem not viable to remain ignorant. It is clichd to say that the macrocosm is now at our fingerprints but it is a clich because it is a reality that we experience regularly. The availability of information contributes to the agent and the idea that knowledge is a commodity that can and should be availed of.When we look at how information is a product, we only need to look at the interaction between the commonwealth and the business of communication. Knowledge moves people and the possession of it can mean a difference between success and failure. The history of the marketability of news as a commodity has developed from mass communications evolution as a veritable(prenominal) business. The increase in the number of published magazines, journal s, newspapers, books and other print materials is a manifestation of this. Radio station have crossed over the airwaves to the cyber world and television now has a plethora of channels to rent from that can be grouped a number of ways.Society today depends highly on information to keep it on track for people to do daily activities from call on to other aspects of everyday living. We idea our decisions on facts and assumptions but mostly based on experience in reference to how we execute our work but in daily life it is our reliance on the media that is the basis of conformity in our decisions accordingly. From the underway news to the facts, these are the things that we keep aware of for valid reason (Ravuso, par.4).The question of how we value information is unrivaled that remains vague but comprehensible. Peter Drucker notes that the cost of an automobile can be broken overmaster between 25% for labor and 40% for material compared to 10% labor cost, 1% material and 70% infor mation for a silicone chip. This ratio is an

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