Friday, May 10, 2019

Balancing Life and Responsibility Research Paper

Balancing living and Responsibility - Research Paper ExampleThe project involved operations in different locations. epoch operations within the office majorly required office expire, field operations were more involving and subjected team members and their supervisory program to adverse conditions such as cold weather and dust. It was therefore equitable to alternate team members surrounded by office and the field for a fair experience. My two project supervisors were therefore expected to alternate exclusively one of them reported allergic reactions that could not allow her to work in the field under the and then conditions. The other supervisor equally needed a break from the field as members of his team were accorded. This created a dilemma because while each of the supervisors needs was justified, I did not have extra personnel to do the field apart from the two. I therefore had the option of compelling the allergic supervisor to honor her contractual obligations and go to the field or to protect her life by compelling the other supervisor to work in the field since that was still part of his contractual obligation (Badaracco, 1998). I applied a directing approach of situational leadership to resolve the dilemma (Blanchard, 2008).I balance my professional individual(prenominal) identity and personal identity by avoiding conflict of interest in my professional scope of work and avoiding personal attachments to involved processes. This is because personal identity involves personal traits with emotional attachments and a conflict with professional identity may undermine termination-making and compromise professional roles. I therefore ensure a balance between the two identities by macrocosm emotionally sober and ensuring that I identify organizations interest and policies in every decision (Badaracco, 1998). Professional identity and personal identity are different in their scope of development and application. own(prenominal) identity is derived from social setups and experiences and majorly applies to family setups and informal

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