Thursday, April 18, 2019

Strategic Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Strategic Marketing - Essay ExampleImpact from uncontrollable variables such as Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors as well as Customers, Competitors, Suppliers, Publics and the companys internal surroundings needs to be managed so that the opportunities are capitalised upon while countering any adverse effects. Managing the controllable variables in a company involves the managing of the marketing process. Marketing process involves identifying the consumer needs, selecting the need segments, which the company aims to cater to, and focusing on the selected segments with a well formulated marketing mix. The report aims at evaluating the controllable variables a company uses in face-off the needs of its business environment and analyse the similarities and contrasts between the controllable variables being utilised by ii companies engaged in manufacturing and exporting of home accessories to the UK market. The deuce companies chosen are Zeba Group from India and J.D.Lighting Factory from China. The synopsis will also address the importance levels of each controllable variable to the two companies.With the rapid globalisation process and the increased level of Free Trade, the number of well established exporters to the European countries from Asia has increased good over the past decade. The two Asian export giants, India and China are pursuing their export drives precipitously and with the right mix of marketing elements, some companies have become established suppliers to some of the most advanced consumer markets in the world such as the UK. Zeba Group from India and J.D. Lighting Factory from China are two such examples of companies that have been successful in marketing their products in the UK home accessory market.Zeba Group, established in 1986 caters to many of the European and American markets with carpets, linens, quilts, cushions and a range of table and bed linen under its experience brand name. The products are made availa ble through a host of

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