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Pediatric Care Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Pediatric C ar Plan - look for Paper Example592). In this case, the patients manifestations are fever, productive cough, diarrhea, and poor appetite any sewer be attributed to ALL and the ongoing chemotherapy. Explicitly, these infectious diseases have high chances of recurring. Specifically, recurrent fever can be the result of decreased function of WBC and rapid metabolism due to the deterioration of leukemic cells from chemotherapeutic agents (Huether & McCance, 2005, p. 592). Furthermore, leukemia affects blood cells, and many vital organs are affected with the changes in metabolism, oxygen supply and demand, and overall organ function (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2006, p. 898). In fact, leukemic cells are likely to cause infiltrations to other organs, further causing lymphadenopathy, inflammation, and neoplasms (Conter et al., 2004). This is notability in this patient who also has a history of neoplasm. Generally, the care and management for this patient demands conservative j udicatory of medications (esp. antibiotics) and responsible monitoring of drug reactions and incompatibilities. As in this case, the patient has a history of allergies from numerous medications (Dimetapp, Pseudoephedrine). This condition, in turn, affects not only the patient but the whole family in terms of financial and emotional challenge. daytime 1 Skin is pale and cool to touch, especially on areas around the mouth, face, palm creases, and in the savage beds. There is a thin film of sweat on the patients forehead, axillaries, and neck areas. Rashes are noted on the trunk and upper arms. enduring is complaining of mild itchiness on his office and abdomen. Minor scratches around the trunk with varying degrees of healing are observed. Petechiae are noted on the disappoint legs and feet.Eyes The eyes are symmetrical in appearance. The conjunctivae are pale. PERRLA noted. Eyes are not icteric. Patient reports no blurring of vision, or any

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