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India Biscuits Industryis

India Biscuits fabricationis IMC PLAN FOR BISCUITSSuitation analysisIndia Biscuits Industryis the largest among whole the intellectual nourishment industries and has a b give away over of near Rs.3000 crores. India is known to be the second largest manufacturer of cookies, the scratch line being USA. It is classified under two firmaments organized and unorganized. Bread and biscuits atomic number 18 the major(ip) part of the bakery industry and covers around 80 portion of the total bakery reapings in India. Biscuits stand at a high value and production level than bread. This belongs to the unorganized sector of the bakery Industry and covers over 70% of the total production.Major PlayersThe major players in the biscuit segment argon* Britannia* Parle* Bakeman* ITC Foods Ltd.* Surya Food and Agro Pvt. Ltd.* HLLMajor Brands the major brands of biscuit ar* Britannia* Parle* Bakeman* Priya Gold* Elite* Cremica* Dukes* Anupam* HorlicksEven as Britannia Industries Ltd (BIL) i s unwrapping a new advert strategy for its relaunched brand MarieGold, Parle Products Pvt Ltd has roped in Ogilvy Mather India to design the advertising plans for its yet-to-be launched brand Monaco Bites. With the entranceway of Hindustan Lever Ltds biscuit brand Modern Energy Biscuits, competition is hotting up in the Rs 2,500-crore Indian biscuits market.For starters, BIL has recently relaunched its flagship brand MarieGold with value additions in a bid to rejuvenate the brand. Along with the relaunch, the smart set has also revamped the advertising and package strategy of the brand in the overcrowded category.Strapped with a new tagline Packed with stubble energy, the new avatar of MarieGold in a new packaging polish off the Indian marketplace just a few days ago. The company is still in the process of rolling out the relaunched brand crossways the country, assert sources from the company.And to announce the relaunch of MarieGold, BIL is rolling out a multi-media ad lea n which includes press advert, tv commercials and wireless advertising, says Lowe India (Bangalore) vice-president Preeti Maroli. Well be using on the whole the media vehicles that atomic number 18 available. To start with, we prolong launched a television commercial in Hindi. Very soon, we provide roll out print ad conjure first in Hindi. Later we depart go for press ads in English, she adds.To support the mass media ad black market for its relaunched brand, the agency leave alone be using below-the-line activities too, says Ms Maroli. The agency also has plans to put up hoardings and banners as part of its out opening media strategy. As for our ad strategy, we have used the wellness plank to highlight the the bene function of wheat energy in the relaunched MarieGold. And of course, we have revamped MarieGolds packaging strategy with the relaunch, adds Ms Maroli.On the opposite hand, Parle Products Ltd has hired the work of Ogilvy Mather India to create communication plans for its new product call(a)ed Monaco Bites. Says Ogilvy Mather India executive director Nishi Suri Amid relentless competition, we won this new account. The other agencies in the fray were Everest communicatings and blue-eyed(a) Worldwide. Its a prestigious account as our client plans to launch Monaco Bites in different flavours, including cheese.According Ms Suri, Ogilvy Mather has been handling the ad account of Parle KrackJack for the abide 15 years. Our ad campaigns for Monaco Bites are still in the pipeline, she adds.At present, Britannia Industries and Parle Products Ltd are considered dominant players in the overcrowded branded biscuits category Biscuit majors single-valued function out new growth strategies in IndiaThe economic slowdown hasnt indent this market. On the contrary, the food majors are splurging big time on the biscuits market. To accelerate the volumes in the Rs 9,000-crore brandedbusiness market, three of Indias food majors plan to hap heavily. ITC Foods is working out a full-fledged plan to expand its manufacturing capacity, retail activities and brand activation activities. Britannia Industries Ltd (BIL), on its part, is focusing on consumer promotions and new launches to prolong its position in the overcrowded category. Even ParleProducts, which reportedly has 42% share in this category, is mapping out an aggressive growth strategy that comprises of re-launches, launches and high- profile television campaigns.Clearly, the sector entrust face a whole lot of work in the next two months. The slowdown has not affected this sector. The sector forget be registering a sound growth rate of around 15% this year, informed a Mumbai based analyst. The category has some truehearted regional presence like Priya Gold in the north and east, Cremica in the west and Dukes in the south.On ITCs plan, Chitaranjan Dhar, chief executive officer, ITC Foods informed that we will be exploring different opportunities for shekelsable growth. We are be after to reach out to selectmarkets in India.According to Dhar, ITC is intending to expand its operations to meet the increasing quest for its biscuits brands. The company entered this sector about five years back. And now it is class-conscious the third largest player with a market share of over 12%.BIL has launched a vigorous consumer promotion by enlarging the pack sizes of its flagship brand tiger Glucose by almost 18%. The offer has helped Britannia sell more packs than competitors Parle and ITCs Sunfeast.Parle Products, on the other hand, is increasing its existingmanufacturingcapacity across the country. The company is concentrating on all brands with no less than 42% share in the branded biscuits market. The company is jumper cable the pack now. In addition, Parle with a new advertising campaign is planning to re-launch Krackjack.Apart from the ad campaign for Krackjack, Parle is also rolling out a high-profile ad campaign for its brand Monaco. The company had recently launched an ad campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan to promote the new alternate of Hide Seek.SWOT Analysis force* Fulfill one of our Basic Requirement among Air , Water , Food, nurse* Widely accepted in all Generations* Easily available in various forms* put up good Instant Remedy for hunger in the form of readymade foodPreserves the non seasonal food and corrects it available all throughout the yearWeakness* Decreases fodderal value* Increases the cost of food product* Industry and technology requires high investment* Regular workout of processed food preempt cause alteration in healthOpportunities* Increase economy of India* Generate employment opportunity* Good tint of Goods* Provide competition to foreign companies* Improve living standard* Provide goods to nation at cheaper rate* Inflow of foreign reserve and pecuniary resource for the govt.(taxes)Threats* Many companies are result oriented* Increase in taint* Sometimes provide poor quality of product for more profit* Lack of technology* Unable to utilize all the resources efficiently swearword analysisPoliticalOpportunityGovernment provides subsidiaries to the biscuit industry.ConstraintsWhat if the government ran a health campaign to discourage concourse from eating too often fatty food?EconomicOpportunityPurchasing power of concourse has increased in IndiaConstraintsIf there is a big economic downswing in your market? Would consumers switch to cheaper options?SocialOpportunityPublic select for health biscuitsConstraintsPublic are now certain of fatty food.Communication objectiveCreate awareness among 90 % of grade listeningTo set out plenty aware of new product that has all chance(a) require nutrients that are needed for the body through continues advertsiment in newspaper, magazines, TV and radio contentedness is a biscuit that can keep u fit and fulfil Ur body with all nutrients.Create an image among 70% of target audienceTo create an image that will differenciate the pro duct for all other competing products of its kind and create an image of a health related product. Contains few fats as compared to other compititors.Develop preferences among 60 % audienceTo develop people preference to this product by telling them the benefits of this product. poise bargain for intentionsTo bugger off people think throught promotional program that product worth of buying.Stimulate trial of new product among 40 % of target audienceTo make people to try the product by following extensive sales promotion and personal selling like coupons and sales presentation.Budget trystPercentage of the calculate is stated for indicating the allocationEstimated budget 50000000Promotional budget estimate (in lakhs)Advertising TV Commercial 50 lakhs(Production broadcasting) Newspaper advertisement 8 lakhs (Design publishing)Magzine 10 lakhsRadio advertisement 20 lakhs Event Exhibition(venue Setup, etc) 50 lakhsDirect MarketingMailing(design, printing postage, etc) 4 lakhs Personal selling sales presentations 20 lakhs sales meetings 5 lakhs incentive programs 85 lakhsSales promotions Contests Games Lotteries aid and gifts Fair and trade shows couponsRebates. 100 lakhsSponsorship programmEntertainment programs in TVSponsoring befoulment awareness programsRallies to make people aware of health 100 lathsMiscellenious expenses 48 lakhsIMC STRATEGIESThe campaign objectives of n-bickies.Advertising strategyAdvertising design story mature to tell the about the product as an important aspect of life historyType of appeal emotional.Target audience all age separate.Message strategy n-bickiesMeaning n means nutrition and bickies means biscuitTag Line charge up yourselfMedia selection television, newspaper, magazines, Internet, etc.The odd Selling PropositionThe biscuit that contains very less fatty acids.The biscuit that has all nutrients which are needed for body everyday.Will complete daily requirement of body for nutrients.Other promotional tools st rategyWhat other promotional tools to be selected and why?Personal sellingSales presentationsSales meetingsIncentive programsPublic dealingsSeminars will give seminars on the topic of nutrition which are required for our daily needs. How i can increase our immune power and how can we keep our self healthy and how n-bickies buscuit helps your family with this. Charitable donations will donate money to the areas where maximum people suffer from nutrition trouble thus relating it with our product.Publications will release a monthly publication of what achievements are made my company.Community relations Our aim is to increase their knowledge and perceptiveness of what we do and our aim is at giving people the nutrients of everydays life, so that they can feel part of our community and where appropriate join with usSales promotionsContests will organise contests which will be on the theme of heathland awareness and n-bickies biscuit will make people aware of this.Games will organise games at major areas like universities, government offices on the ca-ca of n-bickies buscuits.Lotteries will tie up with some very gud brands and n-bickie buscuits will be distributed as lotteries.Premium and gifts will distribute this product as gifts and grant when a product is bought. Fair and trade shows will organise decent and trade showsCoupons coupon will be distributed in mall, on the purchase of various good which.Rebates rebate will be implemented at staring stage to enforce sales.Samples will distribute samples to know the peck of the product.Sponsorship programmEntertainment programs in television and radio.Sponsoring health awareness programsRallies to make people aware of health.Direct marketingCatalogs will distribute catalogs which will elapse all the best features of my product.Mailings will mails people the catalogs of the company and product so that if they are interested they can contact us directly.Telemarketing will communicate our product throught tele calling also.E-mail and voice mail will email all the target market so that they are aware of our product.THE objectives for various promotional elementsAdvertising design Educate audience and inform them about new productAudience For every age groupTiming all allowed and determined by budgetTools/media television, radio, newspaper, magazinesPublic relationsObjective inform educate, create and maintainAudience Target groups mainly all age group.Timing ongoingTools /media coverage by major news media, publications, articles in local news papers.Personal sellingObjective maintain large powerful base of supports and get feedback about product at same time.Audience local, regional, national.Timing ongoing, year round promotion.Tools/media door to door sellingSales promotionsObjective to motivate target audience to try or buy productAudience target audience all people who are health conscious.Timing ongoing at all the day times.Tools cupons, rebates etcImplementation strategiesFor telev ision advertsiment the spot that will be bought is between 5-7 p.m. Monday -Friday.For radio the spot that will be bought is between 6 to 10 a.m. And 5 -8 p.m. Monday- Friday.Creative tactics for print advertisementN-BICKIES fear URSELFCreative tactics for televisionVedio the visual will communicate the meaning given by buscuit that it is give the most benifits compared to others and will provide you with all nutrition which is required for everydays lifeAudio the audio will be created which will force consumer to see the vedio and will help an appropriate moodJingle used gear up with n-bickies.Company

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