Friday, April 26, 2019

ETHICS PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

morals PAPER - Essay ExampleThe head nurse feels that these patients are frequently hospitalized and transferring them would distress them. Here, the chief house physician is looking to serve personal interest of his pediatricians at the cost of snubbing the health hazards of existing patients. The ethical dilemma in this case is base on deontological or work bound ethics that emphasizes on performing morally and coherently along with conducting tasks and responsibilities in a rational manner. The fundamental ethical dominions for nurses state that patients should be respected for human dignity and should be taken care in a compassionate way. However, transferring the patients pang from cystic fibrosis to an different ward cannot be considered as an ethical move especially when the reason cited is based on offering space to pediatricians. It is important to consider the health issue of patients and accordingly taking steps rather than serving and promoting self and personal interest. At the same time, this situation fails to serve the utilitarian principle as it does not offer pleasure to majority of people and thus can be considered as a major ethical issue that needs to be assessed and analyzed well in consecrate to offer mutual benefits and advantages (Rosen, 2003). 2. The important issues in this scenario are conflict of interest for nurses and deontological and duty bound ethics. At times, nurses are entangled in a situation and scenario where there is a conflict between the expectations of patients and buy the farm authority. The chief resident wants few patients to get transferred to another ward while the head nurse feels the other way. This shows that there is a conflict in terms of handling and understanding the situation. At the same time, deontological and duty bound ethics state that every individual should perform his tasks and responsibilities by being moral and ethical. The dustup ethical and moral are used throughout in the code of ethics for nurses and hold cracking importance and value. Ethics define what is right and wrong and moral defines personal attributes and intentions that have to be rational and positive offering mutual benefits and advantages

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