Monday, April 29, 2019

Essay discussion Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discussion - Essay ExampleTherefore, in order of battle to build a electric shavers rapport with literacy, it is imperative that the social and agriculture capital of childrens engagement with one another is appreciated. Literacy should be perceived as a social practice. This is the way we bath achieve expertise on the use of emerging technology that is required in the profession, and is also the call for of the present age. Educationalists have conventionally been reluctant to include the normal culture in their pedagogy because it is believed that the fashionable culture is based on the themes of sexism, racism and violence. Corporate media has always highlighted Black youth culture as the basis of sexism in the troupe (Rhymes, 2007). In my professional practice, when I would be working with children and families, I ordain incorporate popular culture in my pedagogy, though I would make sure that I see the children how to criticize and reject the negative elements of the p opular culture and appreciate and adopt the positive ones. Reflection upon kin mate 2s presentation In the contemporary age, technology is being increasingly apply in the educational setup for pedagogical purposes. Websites have made it easy for teachers and parents to make the children learn alphabets and figures. research has shown that incorporation of popular culture into pedagogy boosts a childs interest in studies and the childs critical thinking and analyzing skills are polished. However, some teachers are reluctant to incorporate popular culture into their pedagogy because popular culture considers man superior to woman, frequently projects adult material and promotes racism. There has occurred a lot of debate on the violent video games as the cause violence in the hunting lodge (Sternheimer, 2009). Also, mass media has always been influencing white Ameri atomic number 50s perceptions of the African Americans (Balkaran, 1999). Bianca et al. (2011) have favored the popula r culture and have say that it should be wisely apply to gain maximum benefits. Popular culture must be used in child education so that the children can be made aware of the controversial issues of the society at a very young age. This is conducive for the development of their better understanding of the society and they can behave as responsible citizens when they grow up. As I discussed before, I shall definitely incorporate popular culture in early child education because it would not only help me making the children learn, tho would also improve the quality of education, not to mention that I would be very prudent in the selection of material. References Anon. (n.d.). Pop Culture. Retrieved from http// Balkaran, S. (1999). Mass Media and Racism. The Yale Political Quarterly. 21(1). Retrieved from http// Bianca, Melissa, Sarah, and Rebecca. (2011). Popular Culture and Literacy. Powerpoint. Jaksic , A., Fulton, H., Capps, S., Jacobs, D., Sultani, M., and Stojcevska, M. (2011). Popular Culture. Powerpoint. Rhymes, E. (2007). snow-clad Culture Sexism, Racism and Violence. Retrieved from http// Sternheimer, K., (2009). Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture why Media is not the Answer. Retrieved from

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