Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Year 2000 is Coming! :: Millenium New Year 2000 Essays

The Year 2000 is ComingHere we ar culture to the dawn of the millennium. An even 2000 years has passed since man has decided to start counting. That has to be significant, doesnt it? Conspiracy theorists, self- proclaimed prophets, and doomsayers can take this opportunity to spread rumors of humanity destruction or take ancient prophecies and interpret them to their liking. Life must(prenominal) be getting boring or over stimulating for these folks. there are so umpteen different groups spreading awareness in preparation for the millennium. One can obtain knowledge on this caseful by contacting a group who call themselves TEOTWAWKI (an acronym for the end of the world as we know it), Armageddon, or on the countless Y2K websites. There are many people involved in the frenzy surrounding Y2K. We scram a Y2K coalition right here in Arkansas. The citizens of Harrison have formed a group called Y2K watch. Around one hundred people meet bimonthly to discuss strategies for getting through the millennium. They have even attracted outsiders. Jerry and Carolyn Head locomote from a Dallas suburb to Harrison to escape the millennia madness. They have stocked up get a generator, livestock, and hundreds of toilet paper rolls. They claim to just be planners and non part of the Y2K worriers in which most of them are nuts. Y2K,which stands for year 2000, is the muddiness of our computer systems when the clock strikes 1200 on January 1, 2000. When computers were first developed they were the surface of small rooms and stored data on thousands of punch cards make out of cardboard. To save space, engineers used two digits to indicate the year. Now that we are approaching the year 2000, they realize the ambiguity of the year being 00 bequeath apparently throw all of the computers off. Many people have say this a disaster. One family in Ohio has really gone to extremes. They have bought the ordinary for survivalists, a generator and food (a years su pply). In addition to this, they have invested in a waterbed in case the water companies crash and are unable to distribute water. Y2K drills are frequently practiced in the menage to ensure all the appliances will work with the generator. The mother has tried to climbing awareness among the community and cannot understand why the Girl Scout draw turned down her offer to lecture on the subject.

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