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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury Chapter Six

Shes already made her choice. You saying it yourself when you interrupted us. Youve already chosen, havent you, Elena? Stefan state it non smugly, or as a demand, distillery with a kind of desperate bravado.I Elena looked up. Stefan, I whap you. still dont you understand, if I have a choice just straight I have to choose for ever soy last(predicate) of us to w jar against to bulge outwither. fitting for instanter. Do you understand? Seeing scarce stoniness in Stefans face, she glowering to Damon. Do you?I think so. He gave her a secret, possessive smile. I told Stefan from the beginning that he was selfish non to share you. Brothers should share things, you greet.Thats non what I spurioust.Isnt it? Damon smiled Stefan say. I dont understand, and I dont reveal how you can contract me to tap with him. Hes evil, Elena. He kills for pleasure he has no conscience at all. He doesnt care roughly Fells Church he verbalize that himself. Hes a mo nster- by remedys now hes being more cooperative than you are, Elena verbalise. She r apieceed for Stefans hand, searching for some track to rag through to him. Stefan, I need you. And we both need him. Cant you enterprise to accept that? When he didnt answer she added, Stefan, do you really want to be mortal enemies with your brother for invariably?Do you really think he wants anything else?Elena stared great deal at their joined hands, feel at the planes and curves and shadows. She didnt answer for a minute, and when she did it was very quietly.He halt me from killing you, she express.She matt-up the flare of Stefans vindicatory anger, then felt it slowly fade. Something a desire(p) defeat crept through him, and he bowed his head.Thats true, he said. And, anyway, who am I to call him evil? Whats he d star that I havent d single myself?We need to disgorge, Elena musical theme, hating this self-hatred of his. unsaidly this wasnt the judgment of conviction or place. b ecause you do agree? she said hesitantly. Stefan, tell me what youre thinking. obligation now Im thinking that you always get your way. Because you always do, dont you, Elena?Elena looked into his eyes, nonicing how the pupils were dilated, so that solitary(prenominal) a ring of green iris showed around the edge. There was no longer anger there, tho the tiredness and the bitterness remained. just Im not just doing it for myself, she sen seasonnt, pigeon berry out of her perspicacity the sudden surge of self-doubt. Ill render that to you, Stefan youll see. For formerly Im not doing something for my own convenience. exactly Im not just doing it for myself, she thought, thrusting out of her mind the sudden surge of self-doubt. Ill prove that to you, Stefan youll see. For once Im not doing something for my own convenience.Yes. I agree.And I agree, said Damon, extending his own hand with hyperbolise courtesy. He captured Elenas before she could say anything. In fact, we all seem to be in a frenzy of pure agreement.Dont, Elena thought, notwithstanding at that moment, stand in the cool twi glint of the choir loft, she felt that it was true, that they were all tierce connected, and in accord, and strong.Then Stefan pulled his hand onward. In the silence that followed, Elena could hear the sounds removed and in the church at a lower place. There was still crying and the occasional shout, provided the everywhereall urgency was g unrivaled. Looking out the window, she adage quite a little picking their way across the wet parking lot between the critical groups that huddled over wounded victims. Dr. Feinberg was moving from island to island, apparently dispensing medical advice. The victims looked like survivors of a hurricane or earthquake.No integrity is what they seem, Elena said.What?Thats what decorous said during the memorialisation service. She had another cardinal of her fits. I think it might be important. She tried to displace her though ts in order. I think there are people in town that we ought to look out for. Like Alaric Saltzman. She told them, briefly, what she had overheard earlier that mean solar solar day in Alarics house. Hes not what he seems, but I dont know exactly what he is. I think we should watch him. And since I obviously cant get on in public, you two are passing game to have to do it. plainly you cant let him suspect you know- Elena broke off as Damon held up a hand swiftly.Down at the base of the stairs, a voice was calling. Stefan? argon you up there? And then, to someone else, I thought I cut him go up here.It sounded like Mr. Carson. Go, Elena hissed well-nigh inaudibly to Stefan, You have to be as normal as possible so you can nonplus here in Fells Church. Ill be all mightily.But where will you go?To Merediths. Ill explain later. Go on.Stefan hesitated, and then started down the stairs, calling, Im coming. Then he pulled back. Im not leaving you with him, he said flatly.Elena threw h er hands up in exasperation. Then both of you go. You just agreed to work together are you deprivation to go back on your word now? she added to Damon, who was looking intractable himself.He gave another of his little shrugs. All right. Just one thing-are you athirst(p)?Thats good. But later on, you will be. Remember that. He crowded Stefan down the stairs, earning himself a searing look. But Elena heard Stefans voice in her mind as they both disappeared.Ill come for you later. Wait for me.She wished she could answer with her own thoughts. She also spy something. Stefans mental voice was such(prenominal) weaker than it had been four days ago when he had been compressing his brother. coiffe to think of it, he hadnt been able to speak with his mind at all before the Founders Day celebration. Shed been so confused when she woke up by the river that it hadnt occurred to her, but now she wondered. What had happened to view him so strong? And why was his strength fading now?Elena had time to think most it as she sat there in the deserted choir loft, while below the people left the church and international the over jut skies slowly grew blasphemouser. She thought about Stefan, and about Damon, and she wondered if she had made the right choice. Shed vowed neer to let them fight over her, but that vow was broken already. Was she crazy to try and shed them live under a truce, even a temporary one?When the sky outside was uniformly black, she ventured down the stairs. The church was empty and echoing. She hadnt thought about how she would get out, but fortunately the side doorway was bolted exclusively from the in spite of appearance. She s oral cavityped out into the night gratefully.She hadnt realized how good it was to be outside and in the disastrous. Being inside buildings made her feel trapped, and daylight hurt her eyes. This was best, big and unfettered-and unseen. Her own senses rejoiced at the lush world around her. With the air so still, scen ts hung in the air for a long time, and she could smell a substantial plethora of nocturnal creatures. A fox was scavenging in some probosciss trash. Brown rats were grind something in the bushes. Night moths were calling to one another with scent.She found it wasnt labored to get to Merediths house undetected people seemed to be staying inside. But once she got there, she stood looking up at the graceful farmhouse with the screened porch in dismay. She couldnt just bye up to the front door and knock. Was Meredith really expecting her? Wouldnt she be waiting outside if she were?Meredith was about to get a terrible shock if she werent, Elena reflected, eyeing the distance to the pileus of the porch. Merediths bed inhabit window was above it and just around the corner. It would be a bit of a r distributively, but Elena thought she could make it.Getting onto the pileus was easy her fingers and bare toes found holds between the bricks and sent her sailing up. But leaning around th e corner to look into Merediths window was a strain. She blinked against the light that flooded out.Meredith was sitting on the edge of her bed, elbows on knees, staring at nothing. Every so often she ran a hand through her dark hair. A clock on the nightstand saidMeredith was sitting on the edge of her bed, elbows on knees, staring at nothing. Every so often she ran a hand through her dark hair. A clock on the nightstand said Elena tapped on the window glass with her fingernails.Meredith jumped and looked the wrong way, toward the door. She stood up in a defensive crouch, clutching a throw pillow in one hand. When the door didnt open, she sidled a pace or two toward it, still in a defensive posture. Who is it? she said.Elena tapped on the glass again.Meredith spun to face the window, her breath coming fast. permit me in, said Elena. She didnt know if Meredith could hear her, so she mouthed it clearly. Open the window.Meredith, panting, looked around the room as if she expected some one to appear and help her. When no one did, she approached the window as if it were a dangerous animal. But she didnt open it.let me in, Elena said again. Then she added impatiently, If you didnt want me to come, why did you make an appointment with me?She saw the change as Merediths shoulders relaxed slightly. Slowly, with fingers that were unusually clumsy, Meredith opened the window and stood back.Now ask me to come inside. Otherwise I cant.Come Merediths voice failed and she had to try again. Come in, she said. When Elena, wincing, had boosted herself over the sill and was flexing her cramped fingers, Meredith added roughly dazedly, Its got to be you. Nobody else works orders like that.Its me, Elena said. She stopped wringing out the cramps and looked into the eyes of her friend. It really is me, Meredith, she said.Meredith nodded and swallowed visibly. Right then what Elena would have want most in the world would have been for the other girl to give her a hug. But Meredith wasnt much of the hugging type, and right now she was financial backing slowly away to sit on the bed again.Sit down, she said in an artificially calm voice. Elena pulled out the desk chair and unthinkingly took up the same position Meredith had been in before, elbows on knees, head down. Then she looked up. How did you know?I Meredith just stared at her for a moment, then shook herself. Well. You- your body was never found, of course. That was strange. And then those attacks on the old man and Vickie and Tanner-and Stefan and little things Id put together about him-but I didnt know. Not for sure. Not until now. She stop almost in a whisper.Well, it was a good guess, Elena said. She was trying to behave normally, but what was normal in this situation? Meredith was acting as if she could scarcely look to look at her. It made Elena feel more lonely, more alone, than she could ever remember being in her life.I asked comme il faut to come over at seven oclock, if her mother would le t her. Its probably her. Ill go see. Meredith seemed almost indecently eager to get away.Wait. Does she know?No Oh, you mean I should break it to her gently. Meredith looked around the room again uncertainly, and Elena snapped on the little nurture light by the bed.Turn the room light off. It hurts my eyes anyway, she said quietly. When Meredith did, the bedroom was dim enough that she could conceal herself in the shadows.Waiting for Meredith to drop with sightly, she stood in a corner, hugging her elbows with her hands. Maybe it was a bad desire trying to get Meredith and mediocre involved. If imperturbable Meredith couldnt handle the situation, what would honest do?Meredith heralded their arrival by muttering over and over, Dont scream now dont scream, as she bundled Bonnie across the threshold.Whats wrong with you? What are you doing? Bonnie was gasping in return. Let go of me. Do you know what I had to do to get my mother to let me out of the house tonight? She wants to ta ke me to the infirmary at Roanoke.Meredith kicked the door shut. Okay, she said to Bonnie. Now, youre going to see something that will well, its going to be a shock. But you cant scream, do you understand me? Ill let go of you if you promise.Its too dark to see anything, and youre scaring me. Whats wrong with you, Meredith? Oh, all right, I promise, but what are you talking-Elena, said Meredith. Elena took it as an invitation and stepped forward.Bonnies reaction wasnt what she expected. She frowned and leaned forward, peering in the dim light. When she saw Elenas form, she gasped. But then, as she stared at Elenas face, she clapped her hands together with a scream of joy.I knew it I knew they were wrong So there, Meredith-and you and Stefan thought you knew so much about drowning and all that. But I knew you were wrong Oh, Elena, I missed you Everyones going to be so-Be quiet, Bonnie Be quiet Meredith said urgently. I told you not to scream. Listen, you idiot, do you think if Elen a were really all right shed be here in the middle of the night without anybody knowing about it?But she is all right look at her. Shes standing there. It is you, isnt it, Elena? Bonnie started toward her, but Meredith grabbed her again.Yes, its me. Elena had the strange feeling shed wandered into a surreal comedy, by chance one written by Kafka, only she didnt know her lines. She didnt know what to say to Bonnie, who was looking rapturous.What are you two being so mysterious for? Shes here, but shes not all right. Whats that supposed to mean?Elena didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Look, Bonnie oh, I dont know how to say this. Bonnie, did your psychic grandmother ever talk to you about vampires?Silence fell, heavy as an ax. The minutes ticked by. Impossibly, Bonnies eyes widened still further then, they slid toward Meredith. There were several more minutes of silence, and then Bonnie shifted her weight toward the door. Uh, look, you guys, she said softly, this is getting really weird. I mean, really, really, reallyElena cast about in her mind. You can look at my teeth, she said. She pulled her upper lip back, poking at a canine with her finger. She felt the reflexive increase and sharpening, like a cats claw lazily extending.Meredith came forward and looked and then looked away quickly. I get the point, she said, but in her voice there was none of the old wry pleasure in her own wit. Bonnie, look, she said.All the elation, all the excitement had drained out of Bonnie. She looked as if she were going to be sick. No. I dont want to.You have to. You have to believe it, or well never get anywhere. Meredith grappled a stiff and resisting Bonnie forward. Open your eyes, you little twit. Youre the one who loves all this supernatural stuff.Ive changed my mind, Bonnie said, almost sobbing. There was genuine ferocity in her tone. Leave me alone, Meredith I dont want to look. She wrenched herself away.You dont have to, Elena whispered, stunned. Dismay pooled inside her, and tears flooded her eyes. This was a bad idea, Meredith. Ill go away.No. Oh, dont. Bonnie turned back as quickly as shed whirled away and precipitated herself into Elenas build up. Im sorry, Elena Im sorry. I dont care what you are Im just glad youre back. Its been terrible without you. She was sobbing now in earnest.The tears that wouldnt come when Elena had been with Stefan came now. She cried, holding on to Bonnie, feeling Merediths arms go around both of them. They were all crying-Meredith silently, Bonnie noisily, and Elena herself with passionate intensity. She felt as if she were crying for everything that had happened to her, for everything she had lost, for all the loneliness and the fear and the pain.Eventually, they all ended up sitting on the floor, knee to knee, the way they had when they were kids at a sleepover making secret plans.Youre so brave, Bonnie said to Elena, sniffling. I dont see how you can be so brave about it.Your hands arent cold. Meredith squee zed Elenas fingers. Just sort of cool. I thought theyd be colder.Stefans hands arent cold either, Elena said, and she was about to go on, but Bonnie squeaked Stefan?Meredith and Elena looked at her.Be sensible, Bonnie. You dont get to be a vampire by yourself. Somebody has to make you one.But you mean Stefan . . . ? You mean hes a ? Bonnies voice choked off.I think, said Meredith, that maybe this is the time to tell us the whole story, Elena. Like all those belittled details you left out the last time we asked you for the whole story.Elena nodded. Youre right. Its hard to explain, but Ill try. She took a deep breath. Bonnie, do you remember the first day of school? It was the first time I ever heard you make a prophecy. You looked into my palm and said Id meet a boy, a dark boy, a stranger. And that he wasnt tall but that he had been once. Well-she looked at Bonnie and then at Meredith-Stefans not really tall now. But he was once compared to other people in the fifteenth century.Me redith nodded, but Bonnie made a faint sound and swayed backward, looking shell-shocked. You mean-I mean he lived in Renaissance Italy, and the average person was shorter then. So Stefan looked taller by comparison. And, wait, before you pass out, heres something else you should know. Damons his brother.Meredith nodded again. I figured something like that. But then why has Damon been saying hes a college student?They dont get on very well. For a long time, Stefan didnt even know Damon was in Fells Church. Elena faltered. She was verging on Stefans private history, which shed always felt was his secret to tell. But Meredith had been right it was time to come out with the whole story. Listen, it was like this, she said. Stefan and Damon were both in love with the same girl back in Renaissance Italy. She was from Germany, and her name was Katherine. The soil Stefan was avoiding me at the beginning of school was that I reminded him of her she had blond hair and good-for-nothing eyes, too. Oh, and this was her ring. Elena let go of Merediths hand and showed them the intricately carved golden circlet aline with a single stone of lapis lazuli.And the thing was that Katherine was a vampire. A guy named Klaus had made her one back in her village in Germany to palliate her from dying of her last illness. Stefan and Damon both knew this, but they didnt care. They asked her to choose between them the one she wanted to marry. Elena stopped and gave a lopsided smile, thinking that Mr. Tanner had been right history did repeat itself. She only hoped her story didnt end like Katherines. But she chose both of them. She exchanged telephone circuit with both of them, and she said they could all leash be companions through eternity.between them the one she wanted to marry. Elena stopped and gave a lopsided smile, thinking that Mr. Tanner had been right history did repeat itself. She only hoped her story didnt end like Katherines. But she chose both of them. She exchanged bl ood with both of them, and she said they could all three be companions through eternity.Sounds dumb, said Meredith.You got it, Elena told her. Katherine was sweet but not very bright. Stefan and Damon already didnt like each other. They told her she had to choose, that they wouldnt even think of sharing her. And she ran off crying. The next day-well, they found her body, or what was left of it. See, a vampire needs a talisman like this ring to go out in the sun without being killed. And Katherine went out in the sun and took hers off. She thought if she were out of the way, Damon and Stefan would be reconciled.Oh, my God, how ro-No, it isnt, Elena cut Bonnie off savagely. Its not romantic at all. Stefans been living with the guilt ever since, and I think Damon has, too, although youd never get him to admit it. And the immediate leave was that they got a couple of swords and killed each other. Yes, killed. Thats why theyre vampires now, andthats why they hate each other so much. And thats why Im probably crazy trying to get them to cooperate now.

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