Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Role of Witches in William Shakespeares Macbeth Essay -- Papers M

The Role of Witches in William Shakespeares Macbeth In Macbeth the witches make a huge function to the play and the way it comes across to an audience. The witches portray many themes in Macbeth, such as the theme of percentage, and the way that they are supposed to have the index finger of changing someones fate, and the way they can control people using their power. The witches overly depict a theme of pure evil, and the way they treat others in the play shows this. Religion also is a big theme in Macbeth, references to the trinity, whether it is the unholy, or the holy trinity. Also blasphemous and sacrilegious beliefs appear very much throughout the play. As well as these themes, one of the biggest is the theme of motherhood, and grouchy the distortion of motherhood. References to babies being killed appear which hardly hints at the evil that the witches stick to the play. The witches often speak about being able to change someones fate, and i n the time which Shakespeare wrote Macbeth people had strong beliefs about this as does Macbeth who speaks about fate often. This also hints at the connections between the witches and Macbeth. Disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel =============================================== Here the captain is lecture about Macbeths victory over the Norwegians. He uses the very significant vocabulary Disdaining Fortune This relates to Macbeth being able to defeat his fate, which is very important because the witches are say to be able to change about witches and the powers they were supposed to possess. James I, the female monarch in Shakespeares time had a strong belief in witches and devoted(p) a lot o... ...usly a dangerous thing to do, because if he treats them akin friends it means he trusts them. The fact that Macbeth trusts the witches shows that his ambition and power hungry reputation have taken over the way he thinks, and it has taken extrane ous the little caution he had in the first place. The witches appear to be taking advantage of Macbeths ambitious nature and they are using it against him, to cling him to trust them more and more. Even thought they never lie to Macbeth they only ever tell him half-truths, which ends up misleading him as he does not think to work out what the witches are telling him. Also Macbeth, because he becomes completely absorbed by his new found power he becomes very cocky, and decides to ignore the fact that there maybe a little terror to his life because he doesnt think about what could happen to him.

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