Saturday, March 16, 2019

Teaching Philosophy :: Education Teachers Reflective Writing Essays

Teaching Philosophy I believe the main purpose of teaching any subject is to pass on students to think critically and appreciate knowledge. Thinking critically is a skill students, no matter where their lives lead them, will need. A teacher should be dedicated to the content they argon teaching and should love what they are doing. The particular that students are tuition the subject is not enough a teacher also has an obligation to foster an enjoyment of learning in their students and to submit them how they can apply it to their own lives. Teachers should be able to show students that what they are learning in the classroom is relevant to their own lives. The subject hooey and the students response to the subject material should be helping them learn closely themselves, and the people they want to be. As for the actual methods of teaching, the students should always be actively involved in everything they are learning. No student wants to sit in a desk for forty-five minutes listening to their teacher lecture. Discussion and having students sack up problems for themselves should be main components of the classroom. I believe facilitating discussion, especially in an side of meat classroom, is one of the most important aspects of a childs learning experience. By discussing their ideas with the teacher and other students, they are learning to effectively persuade their opinions and think further about what they are learning. The teacher needs to tactical manoeuvre an important role in ensuring students feel comfortable about oral presentation about their ideas and encouraging them to give voice to their opinions. A teachers work should not be confined to inside the classroom still should extend outside as well. The students they are teaching are the ones in whose hands the future of the macrocosm lies, and so a teachers responsibility is to demonstrate to students that they need to have a commitment to t he world they are living in. A teacher should help their students to know much their world and community through the subject matter they are teaching. This should bare itself in teaching about tolerance, respect and fostering a require to better the world they are living in.

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