Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sustainable Development Policies Can Reduce Urbanization Problems Essay

Cities all over the arena are developing. This urbanisation process is causing a number of problems and arouse be met by sustainable development policies. In the beginning, it is important to fill in what is the reason for urbanization. Most people move to the city because they want to set off a best(p) life. Another important term is a sustainable development. There are some definitions for sustainable development, but simply they theorise that sustainable development is a development which using resources now and preserving them for early generations (Adams, 1999, p.137). This concept has been agreed internationally at a Rio Conference in 1992 to be put throughed by all government policies which mostly know as Agenda 21 principles (Adams, 1999, p.141). This paper will show that relations jams and lodging problems caused by urbanization can be met by sustainable development policies. The structure of this paper will first explain the piazza that leads to traffic jams and h ousing problems. Next, it will elaborate the sustainable development solutions, implications for the solutions, and evaluations how potent the sustainable development solutions solved the problems. A general situation of urbanization trend in developing countries and actual countries is increasing. In 18th degree Celsius only 3% of the world total population lived in urban areas but as projected in 2000 this number will growing at above 50% (UN as cited in Elliot, 1999, p. 144). According to UN (as cited in Elliot, 1999, p.144), it is figured that the total urban population in developing countries has increase from around 400 millions people in 1950 to around 2000 millions people in 2000. At the same time, total urban population in developed countries is double from ... ... high rise mankind housing, and control population growth, world implemented together should be sufficient enough to solve the housing problem brought by urbanization. In conclusion, increasing urbanizat ion trend in the world has given rise to traffic jams and housing problems. These problems can be solved by sustainable development policies such as public transport investment, traffic management system, car control, develop new towns, pee-pee high rise public housing, and population growth control. As a result, most of the problems are solved, manageable or minimized. Although some solutions are considered better than others, having integrated solutions may have a more effective guidance to solve the problems. Future generations will suffer if the government did not implement the policies. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to implement them as soon as possible.

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