Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sophia Western vs. Lady Bellaston On the 4th episode of the novel Tom J

Sophia Western vs. Lady Bellaston On the 4th issue of the novel Tom Jones Sophia Western vs. Lady BellastonOn the 4th fact of the novel Tom Jones, the author has once againgiven its interview another surprise. Sophia Western and Lady Bellastonare both secretly scrap for the love of the same man. They bothlike Mr. Jones. However, they refuse to let each other know abouttheir own feelings towards this man. Although they are both crockedwomen, they differ in their appearance, attitudes, and most importanton their feelings towards Mr. Jones.They look precise different from each other. Ms. Western is very young,probably in her proto(prenominal) 20s. She has long blonde hair and does not ingestany composing to appear beautiful she is a natural. Lady Bellaston, onthe other hand, is such(prenominal) older, probably in her 50s. She is a slimredhead, perhaps with more need to dress up to impress the younger manof her delight. Sophia dresses elegant still rather simple. She couldeven be considered an old fashioned woman in London. Conversely, LadyBellaston is very modern and sensual...

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