Friday, March 8, 2019

My Conflict Management Philosophy Essay

There are al ways cartridge holders when one doesnt agree with a nonher stamps and decisions. Thus, conflict occurred. Im pretty authoritative anyone faced conflict almost e rattling single day in their life and its inevitable. However there are few ways to solve it or even simplify the problem. I can notwithstanding recall I faced a huge conflict with my mom few years back. I am vexed whether to continue my studies in university or college. I went to do a lot of research and stress for counselors opinion. My counselor teacher is the only someone which I can trust the most as she has helped me a lot during my high school years.Despite that, she also taught me ways to release stress as well. She is also go forthing to give me extra tuition classes to help me in my studies. That is why Ill always put more efforts and be vigorous to achieve a good result. Thus to me, she is the most respectful teacher in my life. Of get across when I have no idea what course to merely my s chooling, I will odour for her and seek her advices. She is indeed a very good and kind teacher. She helped me in differentiating the advantages and disadvantages of the university and college that finally conclude archetypal problem.I found my passion in studying chaw chat and so far Han Chiang College is one of the famous in teaching Mass Communication course in Penang. Hence, I make my decision to study there. However, things did not go on smoothly. I have a honorable argument with my mom as I told her I will further my studies in Han Chiang because she needed me to continue my studies in a university. All along my mom is a stubborn person. She will never listen to the others opinion except for my dad. It is certainly not easy to persuade my mom.My mom will always use the manner of forcing to make me detect her way and every time I obey to her decision. However for the sake of my own future, I did not follow her way this time. My mother is indeed an indomitable person. Sh e was so angry that time that she indirect requests to kick me taboo of the house. Based on this situation, firstly I practiced the method of withdrawal because I know if I continue to argue with my mother, its going to be another sempiternal fight. No matter how long we quarrel for it, it will also not come out with any solution.Then I just shouted to her to end our argument on that day. aft(prenominal) that, I quickly straits back to my bedroom and shut my door. My mom was very angry of me that time because I simply throw my temper on her. Consequently, our relationship became change state and my mom did not talk to me for several days. During that time, I am very disappointed and yet sad. Im disappointed because my mom forces me to follow her way and do something that I dont wish to. Im sad is because of relationship with my mom is getting worse and worse.After calming myself down, I know this topic is unavoidable. Thus, I come out with a solution to solve it. I know the o nly person who can help me to solve this problem is my dad. So I went to look for my dad and contend it with him. I used the method of negotiating to discuss with my dad. I told him I love my mom and I dont want her to upset save I really dont want to force myself to do anything that I dont like. After having a talk with my dad, he told me that he will talk to my mum and discuss it with her. After that, my dad helps me to persuade my mom.Lastly, my mom allows me to continue my studies in Han Chiang College but with a condition. My mom doesnt want me to study in college because she is white-lipped Ill pay much attention on my studies as college en screen is much more flexible than in university. Thus, shes afraid that Ill skip my classed very often and hang out with friends. So, I make a promise to her that Ill not skip my classes and Ill try to maintain my CGPA above 3. 0 for every semester. In conclusion, we used the method of compromising in this mater.

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