Friday, March 22, 2019

Is Affirmative Action Fair? Essay -- Law Government Equality Papers

Is Affirmative serve Fair?A black student has been waiting for that letter of borrowing from the college of her choice. She receives that letter and gets in. At the same time a female face cloth student is also waiting for her letter of acceptance from that same college. The sporting student receives a rejection letter even though she had higher testify scores and a better GPA than the black student. Was this picturesque to the students? Was it the take up outcome for the country in the long run? Many minority students atomic number 18 accepted into colleges and law schools due to their persist while at the same time white students are rejected because colleges have to draw and quarter room for these minorities. The question many colleges are facing now is whether race should be considered in college admissions. Is affirmative action necessary anymore and is it fair to all students? What is its long-term impact on American and world nightclub? Liberals say, Yes affirmative action is a fair driveway and a path that still needs to be taken if our society is going to set off forward. Conservatives argue that affirmative action is reverse discrimination against white students and that general use of affirmative action in colleges is creating an un-level playing field. The liberals logical argument is based on the assumption that race is already an issue in college admissions and that historically there has been a lack of probability for minorities, especially African Americans. From this perspective, Liberals want to use race-based admission standards as a way to redress historical and contemporary biases against certain groups and cultures. To Liberals there are biases built into university admissions that favor white, middle class, suburban students. The ver... (22 April 2002) Tien, Chang-Lin. In disaffirmation of Affirmative Action. USA Today (Magazine). 126.2630 (November 199 7) 58-61. Online. Information Access spread out pedantic ASAP. article A20004051. Thernstrom, Stephan. The Scandal of the Law Schools. (Legacy of affirmative action) Commentary. 104.6 (December 1997) 27-32. Online. Information Access spread out Academic ASAP. Article A20078580. Thernstrom, Stephan, & Thernstrom, Abigail. Racial Preferences What we Know Now. Commentary. 107.2 (February 1999) 44. Online. Information Access Expanded Academic ASAP. Article A53914152 Wright, Scott W. Texas Ruling may Dismantle Affirmative Action. stark Issues in Higher Education. 13.3 (April 4, 1996) 8-10. Online. Information Access Expanded Academic ASAP. Article A18327446.

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