Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Educational Philosophy :: Philosophy of Education Teaching Essays

Educational Philosophy For some, it is an occupation a means of earning a living. For others, it is a skill performed with great ability and proficiency. What is it? It is pedagogics. Teaching, as defined by Websters New World Dictionary, is to show or help (a person) to learn (how) to do something to provide with knowledge, insight, etc.(Websters, p. 605). Since the beginning of civilization, teaching has encompassed peoples lives. Building on the knowledge learned from his dear(p) teacher, Socrates, Plato created his own school to encourage others in their pursuit of knowledge. Even though the styles and philosophies of teaching have changed greatly since 2000B.C., the concept of an ideal teacher trunk the same. Excellent educators inspire their students to reach for the stars. Our public education system in West Virginia is due to the valiant efforts of our forefathers. Fighting for a training system applicable to ALL students, these p ioneers provided the groundwork from which we have expounded. Our ancestors appreciated the importance of an competent education, and now, it is our responsibility as present and future educators to continue the tradition. Providing equal and brainy instruction to all students should be the number one priority for us teachers. Public educators have the greatest opportunity to touch a peasants life for the better. As a public school teacher, I would set the expectations for my students at ceiling level, but then provide them with the running game and walk them through each wrung to ensure accomplishment. I want to indoctrinate in my students that each child has the capacity for success (keeping in encephalon that each person has his own definition for success) and a lifelong zest for knowledge. Children atomic number 18 like clothing. Some are ironed and clean from a childhood of love and true nurturing. Some are wrinkled and raddled from a childhood of a buse and neglect. Some appear irregular as a result of a handicap or disability. Sadly, many are labeled, whether positively or negatively, before they complete their years in school.

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