Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comparative essay between two poems namely, Half - Caste by John

Comparative tushvass between two rimes namely, Half - club by John Agard and unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard. John Agard and Unrelated Incidents by Tom Leonard.You can clearly see before you begin to read these poems that they argon put up out differently to your average poem. For example in UnrelatedIncidents that there are no more than four words per poem. Thepunctuation in Unrelated Incidents is based on the phanetic air ofspelling, this means that you spell the appearance speak and pronounce words.The poems is also meant to be spoken in a Glaswegian accent. In Half- Caste its spelt and meant to be spoken in a Caribbean Patois.In both poems theyre support the way that they are (The colour ofhis skin in Half - Caste and his accent in Unrelated Incidents). InHalf - Caste he defends himself by saying that you dont discriminateagainst a Picasso piss or a Tchaikovsky symphony because theyrehalf - caste, but in Unrelated Incidents his defence is slightlydifference claiming that there are neer any over news commentators apartfrom ones with posh and standard English accents.Unrelated IncidentsTom Leonard was born in Glasgow. He has described his puerilityupbringing as working class West of Scotland Irish Catholic (hisfather was from Dublin). Although his pass identifies him as aBritish citizen, Tom Leonard sees himself as thoroughly Scottish.Unrelated incidents, the poem. Is raiment out as if it was being read offa picture autocue. There is very little punctuation and the wordsare spelt phonically. The way that this poem is written, it iswritten like this because the poem is about BBC newsreaders. Its fixedout as if it was being read on the 6 oclock news.Almost all ... ...because he mixed a vicissitude of colours in hispaintings? Should the English weather be scorned because it is plentiful ofsun and darkness? Should Tchaikovskys music be seen as inferiorbecause he used both the black notes and the white notes on the piano?Is individual who is called a half caste yet half a person? John Agardasks the reader to begin to think in a more open-minded way.The poem is set out is a peculiar way as it only contains a maximum of8 words per line. Also this poem contains no punctuation at all. Ithink that this is put in to create an impact on the reader. He hasalso spelt his words the way as he would speak them. Its a way ofphonetic speaking.Overall both poems are tying to prove the same point, that they arediscriminated because of who they are. John Agard for being half -cast and Tom Leonard because of his Scottish accent.

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