Thursday, March 21, 2019

Chimpanzees Essay -- essays research papers

Chimpanzees be a genus of the great imitator of Africa, withlong black hair and log protruding ears. Humans make dothem for their intelligence and there actually similarities. Theyhave developed family ties similar to man. oer thegenerations they have even had developed tools out ofnatural materials. Food for chimpanzees is very importantto them due to the excessive amount eating. Chimpanzees eat a manakin of foods. They will get their foodin many different ways. Bananas be one of the mostfavored foods of chimpanzees. They will eat it with the pealon or they will take the peal off. Researchers in Africa had video recording photographic camera and had been taping the primates whileeating. One solar day while video tapeing they caught a malechimpanzee stealing a bundle of bananas from the entrepottent, and put the bundle of bananas over his shoulder andwalked out. The researchers did not try to draw the adultmale, because they knew that the adult male argon verystrong and d issolve get violent if they are bothered while eating.These primates excessively eat variety leaves, twigs and seeds thatare found through out the jungle. Chimpanzees are nomadicthey will travel up to six miles a day for food. Once food isfound they will spend up to heptad hours a day eating.Chimpanzee will also eat meat, exactly it has to be fresh meat.This means that the males hunt and eat there own meat ingroups some of the animals they look for are babybaboons, antelope and bush pigs.Chimpanzees intelligence is the one that is clos...

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