Saturday, February 16, 2019

Life in Colors :: essays research papers

How do colourise depict lifestyles? I handling strains in every part of life. Color is described as a property that surfaces have when light falls on them and is reflected or absorbed. Colors are the basic way that I describe my life. The assumptions blue, currency, and gold represent a favorite ruse, an event and or outside activity, and the future that bequeath be committed to after high school.The twine blue which represents the time from when I came into this world up to the years forrader high school. The color blue started the first day of kindergarten when the teacher say lets go over our colors. As she went through them and then said, Well, lets use your favorite color from the ones we have yet gone over. Of course, the color that went in my hand was the color blue. A fewer years down the road when I started to pick out clothes, the color blue was in every item that I bought. And to this day the color blue has been my color of choice as long as I can remember. I t will always be that color blue that will be in my fancy wardrobe as long as I live.Silver as a dime, nickel, or quarter is the color that makes up the high school years since starting in the 9th grade. Silver is the color of the star on the uniform for the brigade which I serve proudly. The color silver did not become appealing to me until that nighttime when we (the band) were in Statesboro, Georgia, at the first competition, and we (the band) marched out on the field for our exercise and the crowd went crazy. That night when the awards were announced and we came in second out of 22 bands, that color silver was the most awesome color ever. Then, we came home and the undermentioned weekend we went to Palatka, Florida, and did the same placement. The next year came more or less, same results. Then it was my minor(postnominal) year and a moment that will never be forgotten. We remaining on Saturday morning around 900 am for Inverness, Florida, and performed the preliminary build at 115 pm. The scores came in and that color silver became even more meaningful we were in first place. That night around 930 pm, we entered the field for finals competition. We finished the show, the hats of the directors came off their heads, and the crowd went wild.

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