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Conservative Personalities1.     Conservative     From the introduction, we know that the performance has begun to sufferunder Jacks fashion of lead. It is mainly due to the personality of Jack.He is a quite hidebound person who has a tendency to maintain a state ofaffairs without great or sudden change. Also, his style of drawing cardship is taskand production-oriented. Task-oriented leadership tends to emphasize taskeffectiveness. So, from the case, we can cypher that he would turn fine-tune thesubordinates* suggestion whenever new ideas come. Jack seems to define role andtell mountain what, how, when and where to do various tasks only. On the otherhand, Jack isnt a relationship-oriented leader as he doesnt emphasize thebuilding of relationships with employees. Accordingly, Jack cant maintain agood relationship with his subordinates. In his mind, he thinks that there isno compare status between the passkey and the subordinates. He wo uld highlyrespect the superior order without questioning. Thus, we can see that Jack isvery loyal to Carfax green goddess and works hard to follow the company policiesand procedures and the orders of the managers above him.     Under such(prenominal)(prenominal) leader, the performance of the financial section has begun tosuffer. Due to his conservative personality, the tendency to facial gesture changes isvery low. When sudden changes occur and as the same time the top(prenominal) doesnt giveguidelines immediately, Jack cant handle well under this situation. Then the tractableness and imagination in facing different situations tend to absolutelylow. Be grounds his task-oriented leadership, he always neglects the new ideas andunresponsive to change.     Mostly important, Jack doesnt realize the grandness of staffmotivation. Subordinates think that the budget in their section iscomparatively abase than other department. As a result, they fe el they areunderpaid and overworked. Overwork implies that the shortfall of workforce. Andunderpaid mean that the workload is greater than the payment for it. As Jackhas such easygoing" manner, considerable dissatisfaction in the department isresulted and everyone thinks that Jack is merely a puppet for management.2.     Team Work     Not only the conservative personalities cause the financial section tosuffer, but also he has neglected the greatness of team work. Team work meansthat two or more(prenominal) people who interact with an influence each other towards a frequent interest. Financial section is actually a team work. However, from thecase, we can see that Jack doesnt manage his subordinates to be a team work.Instead, he looks them as labors. He only orders his subordinates what to doand how to do without any subordinates* ideas. Then it just like a factory

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