Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Waste Of Talent :: essays research papers

On his hug drugth natal day Jim perambulator was introduced to the game of basketball by receiving a basketball from his uncle Mark Walker. Jim acted as if he loved the gift to please his uncle but really pass judgment more from him. Jim never really played basketball at this come on because he would rather spend his time doing things most other ten year olds did resembling riding bicycles and playing with G.I. Joes. On the same birthday Jims mother, Althea gave him ankle weights. She gave him this because she realized her son had a talent, which was leap amply, hoping this talent would payoff for both of them in the future. Jim and his family were not very pixilated living in the Harlem projects were drugs and constant violence plagued the neighborhood so he didnt really receive many other gifts. With these two gifts in hand he started playing basketball at the local lay developing his game. He would play and practice with the ankle weights on, realizing he like playing an d was pretty trustworthy at the game. At the age of long dozen he was playing a full court pick up game at a local park with a aggroup of older guys. While coming down the basketball court at the height of five feet four inches Jim dunked on one of the older kids he was playing with. Word got around neighborhood that there was a xiii year old who could dunk on the standard ten grounding basketball rim in the park. People started to respect Jim because of his basketball skills. He also started getting girls because of his skills and off the court began hanging out with a bad crowd doing drugs and not doing his schools work. Sometimes as a view and to show off exactly how high he could jump he would snatch money that was placed on the top of backboard rims.Jim was accordingly recruited by a very good New York City preceding(prenominal) school. Jim and the other members of the basketball team were giving preferential treatment because of their good record. They were allowed to get away with murder. The coach of the basketball team made sure Jims work was done and showed him ways to cheat on tests. whiz day the track coach approached Jim and asked him to join the track team to high and long jump for him.

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